ym update. again.

no doubt ym is one of my absolute favorite instant messengers and an essential for me to keep in touch with clients (“clients” being my official term for any sort of contacts including friends, ex-gfs, enemies, batchmates, relatives and all sorts of riffraff. Actual clients actually number about 5%).

Ahem. Anyway, the point is, the thing I loathe most of all is spyware / adware or anything of the sort that loads onto your PC without due consideration or permission from myself. I read an article once about how one does (or should) consider one’s PC likes someone’s home, replete with private information or even if not – necessarily – private, otherwise real estate should be unavailable to anyone not duly introducing himself and asking – very kindly – first, even if they are what I consider an important app like an IM.

And so we come to YM’s Instant Messenger. The installation of which was like below, to avoid its cheeky way of installing Yahoo Toolbar and Yahoo Extras which, if you think about it, (and I mean really think about it), why would you wanna install in the first place?

click on the images for a bigger version
remember to check “Custom (Advanced Users)”. Note that you cannot choose “Typical” without including Toolbar and Extras along with Messenger. Also note that you cannot uncheck “Make Yahoo! my default search engine”. “Advanced Users” my foot. There’s nothing “advanced” about wanting to install Messenger without the unecessary add-ons.
Custom Install Options allows you to remove unwanted apps, which is basically anything below Messenger. That’s Toolbar with Popup Blocker, Extras, Making Yahoo your default search engine, making Yahoo.com your homepage (the nerve!), and making Yahoo Mail your default mail application. That’s 5 count ’em 5 stuff you don’t really want.
This is what we’re going for right here. A clean install of Messenger without uneccessary add-ons.

today August 31, 2005 however, ym updated itself, and in the process updated its way of sneaking into your PC as well.

it all started innocently enough.
then suddenly you’ll notice unlike at the top it’s a different “Customize” clickable link unlike the checkbutton above, as if that wasn’t sneaky enough. Really, what other reason would there be to change the layout if they didn’t think that we were wising up? And guess what? I missed it, and installed as-is.
Of course, it all went awry after that
yep, y! finally got my browser with their toolbar
forunately, good ol’ firefox managed to stop ’em in their tracks. I didn’t know it could do that.
let me get this straight. You don’t have to be an Administrator to install (I was logged in as a Power User), but you have to be one to uninstall?

so maybe im finicky. maybe toolbar, extras, and making my my.yahoo.com or yahoo.com itself as my homepage is good for me. I mean, it does have a popup blocker and all right? and besides, ymessenger is so much better than Google’s Talk, althought it is still in beta, it’s so boring to look at (goodness no emoticons!), and I’m hardly using it except to check on mail, so it’s all good correct? And sure, it’s easy to remove, and finally, yeah it was my mistake that I missed that “Customize” option while installing it. I was busy after all, when that announcement came up, and I just clicked away to get it over with (or maybe that was the point?).

but tell you what, Yahoo: what if I dont want it. Earth-shaking thought right there huh? I DONT WANT it installed. Sure I’ll sing praises about Messenger (like I did 3 years ago in a 5 part series on Instant messengers for PCWorld Phils.,), and yes I’ll still use the excellent Yahoo Calendar, I’ll still maintain my YahooGroups, and I’ll still use my old Rocketmail account.

But thing is, I DON’T WANT Toolbar, I DONT WANT Extras, and I DONT WANT to make my default page Yahoo.com or My.Yahoo.com, and I DON’T WANT to use my Yahoo email as my default mail.

And all this sneaky installation business? It turns me off, and as a result I’m starting to get excited about Google Talk.

I hope you listen up Yahoo.

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