So you wanna learn Kung Fu..

linux talkThe many fans of this blog (all two of them) will be happy to note I am speaking at the PLUG 2nd Quarterly Free Seminar Series, to impart my knowledge on the Black Arts, namely Interviewing, Writing Articles, and other related debauchery.

With great humility, I will mine the vast and deep, colorful and rich repository of my press past, where my aura will impart knowledge and shed beatific light upon the dreary monotone of a newbie writer’s existence.


So anyway, if my editors who read this (all 1 of them), can suspend their disbelief that I was invited for my writing for a second, they’re invited too. See y’all later at the 2nd Quarter Free Technical Seminar at Asia Pacific College, Magallanes, Makati City, 9AM to 6PM!

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