Thinking of my blogs a day before Christmas

It’s a day before Christmas and I’m writing about my blogs. Call me obsessed.

Anyway, a few months ago, a blogger in a (more or less) popular group blog was peeved at a recent news announcement (i’m gonna try to make this as anonymous as possible, basically because I’m a nice guy, but really, I don’t wanna piss him off either because – well, it’s just too easy). Anyway, there was news / PR item which really ticked him off and he wrote about it on their blog of course.

Prob was, it was purely a PR item, and whilst I tried to explain it to him on their comments section, and tried to get him to email me to keep from explaining how it (PR) works to him in public, he was intent on keeping pissed, and even emailed the parties involved, which was the right thing to do if you wanted to get to the bottom of it, but unfortunately instead of investigating, he went ahead and lambasted them for their decision, being, in his mind representative of the Great Philippine Blogosphere (what is that anyway? aren’t we all just writers / publishers?).

Doing so, he accomplished three things. One, he negated any possibility that said parties would respond in an informative manner, seeing as he had already made up his mind. Two, by his actions the group blog’s credibility went down a notch as well. And three, I came to the realization that Phil. print journalism has nothing to worry about from the bloggers (okay the ‘blogosphere’). Without the maturity of an editor, a publisher, or anyone to look over your shoulder to tell you what you’re writing is crap, amateur copy is gonna come out over and over again.

I contemplated looking over to their blog right now as I wrote this, but even then couldn’t do so probably because since he had done that, my subconscious is telling me I’d just be wasting my time. Which is a pity because imo, group blogs are the way to go, with my sites as obvious examples to my belief in this.

At any rate here’s my point. Lots of bloggers feel smug about the fact that finally, their voice is getting heard. On the other hand, journalists in print and media had expressed fears of getting shoved aside. To this, I say NUTS! (I know that sounds corny but I just couldn’t think of a more approp word).

A key ingredient to a quality publication (which is what a blog is, really. Enough with the fancy tech phrases. It’s just a PUBLICATION.), is to provide well targeted, timely, quality content. I’ve continually harped, pounded and discussed this main ingredient with anyone who wishes to listen (which means, by now, Jill, as chief editor of Kikay, is raring to sew my mouth shut). Pro journalists have an advantage because they’re professionals, knowing basic stuff about writing bloggers are only starting to learn.

I believe if you provide something people are interested in reading about, you can publish it on paper, online, or the back of a cigarette carton, and people will read it. They will line up to read it. They will buy it by the bushel. They will swim oceans, traverse mountains, fight wild animals.. ok I think you get the point.

Only then, will the advertisers start paying attention to you. I have based the Exchanges on this belief alone. It will work. I know it will. It better.

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