Steam Microwaving Chicken

So since this is a cooking site… err, no it isn’t. But I wanna put up pics of what I cook and eat everyday, and I find the topic interesting, so there!!

Seriously, just wanted to share with you how to steam chicken with carrots and potatoes in a microwave, using a p200.00 microwave steaming contraption you can buy anywhere. I bought mine at some hardware store. I promise you it’s delish. Here we go:

The plastic contraption steaming cooking thingy has three parts. You put water at the lowest part, filling it to about half is good.

Then you need some chicken parts. Rock salt and pepper to taste.

And you slide it right on top like this.

Then you get some greenery going. Here’s some pechay leaves.



All bunched together. Looks good already.

Cover it up with the lid.

And it’ll look like this.

Shove it in there.

And here’s the tricky part. I go for about 10 minutes at 450 watts, our microwave’s lowest setting, but you can go up to 15 for somewhat chilled chicken. Although we can, of course, go faster, what we’re going for here is to boil the water for a prolonged time, otherwise you can overcook and the veggies can get burned and the chicken turn leather tough.

10 mins or so later, Et voila!

A closer look.

Ok that may not look all appetizing as i couldn’t get a pic of the steam rising out. But trust me the smell is wonderful, and a mere poke or two at that marvelous soft, juicy chicken and that cooked – just – right potatoes, carrots and greens will make your mouth water. You can also use other crunchy greens, like brocolli or lettuce.

You can also start steaming rice just before you do this, and the cutting / preparation time + the 10 mins or so it takes the cook will approximates the time to cook the rice, so you’ll have both fresh rice and steaming, oil-free healthy chicken ready at the same time. By Gad my stomach’s grumbling.

And another thing..

The chicken fat will drop down to form chicken stock with the water underneath, and you can use this as a base for soup or thickened as gravy. I hate throwing it away but I’ve got so much of it now so, sayang.

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