My First Speaking Engagement *Changed Sked

Today I received below email. I actually said no the first time I was asked, being allergic to making presentations (I’ve had enough of that in previous jobs!). But I guess I’m too much of a sucker for a good compliment:

Weíre hoping that you could do a 30-minute to an hour talk about blogging as a business venture. I would have chosen from our blogger-attendees during the 88DB Bloggers Night last month but I deemed that your Exchange sites are more successful than other blog sites. Since it is a short talk, I think you would be able to come up with a minimal presentation. A projector will be provided.

Man they sure know how to get a guy’s attention. But then they said this:

I will give you two choices for the schedule. Itís either May 21 (Wednesday), 5-6 PM or May 22 (Thursday), 4-5 PM. You donít have to worry about the audience, Sir; they told me that the number of people / jobseekers tend to increase in the afternoon.

The bold parts probably hinting that there might not be too many people.

But then I decided why the heck not. It’s time I share some of the stuff I know, and if it helps even just one dude make a good blog why not right?

So yeah, I’ll be there on the 21st, 5-6 PM, World Trade Center. I promise to teach anyone who’s interested everything I know that could be the reason behind Basketball Exchange, Kikay Exchange and Mom Exchange’s relative popularity, plus my views on how to make a relevant blog that’s worth visiting often.

Or, at least everything I’m comfortable sharing. I will try my best to make it worthwhile.

EDIT: Moved to 4-5 PM, still on the 21st.

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