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Lets Just Make an Ogg 2.0

I think for the most part, the tech issues that interest, or rather more to the point – get a rise out of me – most are open source, privacy, and ‘understanding the ‘net issues. More specifically occasions when open source isn’t achieved, is attacked, misread or misunderstood. This extends to privacy and the use of the Internet either in dramatically brilliant or excessively stupid ways. Some people ‘get’ the ‘net, some people don’t. I like to believe I’m getting there albeit it took me awhile and it’s a long road ahead and there’s still much to learn.

The latest case that has caught my attention is the Nokia Ogg issue, or to be exact, Nokia’s claim that the Ogg Format is proprietary and hence must be removed from w3c’s web publishing standards for html5. The best article I’ve read explaining this so far is from Ars Technica, and by ‘best article explaining this’ I mean ‘I’ve only needed to read this 15x to understand it.

It’s a very complicated issue that reads more like a legal document rather than a technical white paper. In essence what Nokia appears to want to say is the ff.: (lifted from same article)

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PLUG Meeting Notes

Note: In lieu of PLUG’s website, which is still to be reestablished, I am posting herewith notes of our meeting last 11.09.07 at Bo’s Coffee Robinson’s Galleria.

The following attended the meeting (loosely referred to as ‘the group’ below):

Ryan S. Ching ryan.s.ching@gmail.com
Victor E. Mendoza vicmendoza@gmail.com
Paolo Alexis Falcone pfalcone@free.net.ph
AC Perdon acperdon@gmail.com
Ian Sison ians@qsr.com.ph
Joebert Jacoba joebertj@gmail.com
Mark Achanzar mark@mymegamobile.com
Gabriel “Gary” Mercado (myself)

The topics discussed were as follows (in no particular order):

PLUG Website –

Paolo explained that the website is not functional due to an upgrade error. As a result he is unable to extricate the contents of a PLONE 2.0x archive file that contains 10 years worth of data. This has been compounded by the fact that since there is no PLUG board to decide on this, he has not been able to determine the proper course of action to take.

Inspite of the unavailability of this archive, the group has decided to establish a new one. While Ian prefers a WIKI type of website, Ryan has offered the services of a local Drupal Users Group which the group had decided to be the best path to take. Ian will volunteer a domain name for the website, while hosting will continue to be at Mr. Jijo Sevilla’s server.

The group has determined that establishing a new website is an important priority as this will function as an important way to communicate with its members alongside the mailing list.

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aaand we’re back! (again)

Finally found a good enough host for this blog, and Movie Exchange as well, which we are now re-christening as (drumroll please…):


awww yeah. I admit there was a point when I was wondering if I was even gonna resurrect either blog, but I decided, what the heck. The cost isn’t too steep and besides, I really don’t like the idea of stuff I’ve written in either blog to just disappear forever. Not that I’m necessarily the most read-worthy or sensible (or even consistent) blogger in the world but hey, I occasionally have my moments (at least I hope so) so I really don’t want it all to end up as some .tarball on my hard disk after all that work.

Having said that, I’d like to say I also miss PWIT (Philippine Week in Tech) too, which I was writing for a few months back but unfortunately was put to pasture by Adel. Truth is I have a lot of explaining to do as per the fact I missed out on writing duties on that blog when it was still around, but at the end of the day I kinda feel bad that stuff I wrote on it is gone forever. So Adel, if you read this, please holler if you’re interested in working to put it together again ok? I promise I’ll be more diligent in my writing duties.

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