Peja traded for CJ Johnson

Peja traded for CJ JohnsonThe shooter position in the Indiana Pacers team is an esteemed place in the basketball world.

Mainly because you’re gonna get comparisons to Reggie Miller, a tall order if there ever was one.

Peja traded for CJ JohnsonToday though, Peja was shipped to Indiana for wild wild Ron Artest, and the first thing I thought of was – the position of Indiana Pacer ‘Shooter’ will be well taken care of.

In fact, I think the great Larry Legend got it wrong when he was quoted as saying:

“Obviously, we’re very happy about getting a player of his caliber,” said Bird. “He’s one of the best shooters in the league and we definitely feel he can come in and help us right away.”

Peja traded for CJ JohnsonPeja isn’t ‘one of the best shooters in the league’. Hands down, he’s the best. I mean, the man can shoot shoot shoot like no one can. I can’t even think of anyone that comes close to what he can do.

Second thing I thought of was how rare that is – a pure shooter. Pure shooters imho are as rare as pure defensive players. They’re so rare coaches make concessions just for that one dimension they bring to the team. Can’t defend? Can’t rebound? Can’t handle the ball? That’s fine! You can score the moment you cross halfcourt, you’re on my team!

Finally, of course I have to think of the dirt. The real reasons for the trade, namely Artest’s unbelievably bratty behaviour and the terrific patience, imo, the Pacer organization have extended to him regardless (let’s not forget the detroit incident where he figured prominently).

Then there are two other reasons worthy of attention. One, why did the Maloof brothers trade him?

He’s the best shooter in the world, so it was a very, very difficult decision, but we thought that we needed to do something different.

Peja traded for CJ JohnsonYeah. Hiring a borderline maniac who gets my vote to best portray Rockstar Game’s CJ Johnson is certainly different. I can imagine the fans will start buying tickets, just don’t forget to make them bring their helmets.

The real reason is of course, Peja is unhappy being a King and has been so since the C Webb (remember him?) days. This is a way out, and the Maloofs got lucky. Or not. Depends really. So far they’re calling themselves gamblers. No kidding.

Me, I’m excited to see Peja get it on with the always over-achieving Pacers. His current 16.5ppg average is a joke. He can unload twice as much, and with Rick Carlisle motivating him, the original coach of the then-arising Pistons of a few years back, it’d be great to watch.

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