Hot Babes Sell Video Games? Really?!

laraJoey Alarilla would probably be interested in this bit of news about Lara Croft.

Not necessarily because of Lara (more on her later), but about how the article says how one of the problems of the video game industry is its ‘lack of celebrities’.

To wit:

One of the big problems with the games industry is that whilst it has icons, it does not have many celebrities…

After all, as an editor choosing what to put in an entertainment section, do you go with pictures of Robbie and an interview about life on tour?

Or do you go instead for the latest screenshots of a video game, along with some words from the game’s developer?

You know, I suppose that makes sense. Sure a celebrity will always help the industry.

Of course, you might also say that people just like looking at hot women in tight shorts, but I suppose that takes away from the gist of the articlesomewhat, and considering the effort it took to get that point across, I should probably leave it at that.

At any rate, for ehem.. research purposes, here’s the pic of Karima Adebibe, the newest girl authorized by Eidos to ‘speak’ as Lara, along with posing as her as well.


On another note, I wonder why this pic makes me think of ‘earplugs’. Would it happen to have anything to do with the sound a Heckler & Koch P8 pistol makes, especially when fired beside your face perhaps? Hmm..

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