I was about to start writing about this tragic PBA event

at Ballex (Noli Eala’s disbarment), when I happened to speak (YM) with Ruby Gan, one of our faaahbulous sponsors at Kikay Exchange, and owner of the Schu line of women’s shoes. Of course while talking to her, I do what most people normally do, and that’s check out her blog.

And lo and behold, I chanced upon the results of our contest with her – an online contest where she asks schu owners to send in pictures with the theme ‘Are you wearing your today‘,(ongoing with still a month to go) and I was absolutely floored with the results so far. In particular, this one:


by Aggie, taken at the very recognizable Bulwagang Pilipino steps, and this one:


by Leah, showing how she uses her shoes for work.

I gotta tell ya, I am just absolutely ecstatic about the results of Ruby’s contest. It’s not that I doubt her ideas, but, ok yeah, I wasn’t really into it because I didn’t think it through too much (I was pretty busy with other things). So to see it work out like this, with entries of people who obviously put up a lot of time and effort into making them, is really terrific and goes far beyond anything I’d have dreamed of.

Ruby and I are into another project, and albeit I dislike the habit of making promises that it’s coming soon (mainly because, well, let’s face it with my workload and everything, it might very well not), I’m gonna put in a little more effort in making this one come true, more so in the light of, heck, her ideas really do click and we’ve got a winner here obviously.

Anyway, here’s the 250×250 image I made for the contest that’s on KikayEx’s sidebar. Click it to check the contest out – I don’t think you can enter pics anymore but at least you can vote for your fave entry:

2 thoughts on “I was about to start writing about this tragic PBA event

  1. hi.. i know my question is totally not related to your post but you did say that you will or is writing for movieexchange?

    can i ask how can i post there too? :)


  2. hi rach yes I write for movie exchange. I’m not accepting writers at the moment however. But if you have a sample or two, please leave a link to it here.

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