I reckon Tuesday is as good a day as any *(updated)

to get my license renewed.

So off I go.

1.5 hours later:

ahhhm back!

and once again, plagued by the inefficiencies of the LTO / my bad luck with official documents of any nature per se.

As per the LTO, it all started last year when I was trying to update the address on my card – type driver’s license, which helps as an ID when you’re trying to cash checks or whatever.

Anyway, after a looong wait caused by the fact that the Mayor of Cainta just waltzed in and skipped the lines to get his license renewed, the ladies at the LTO spelled my name wrong. After that, they entered my old Mandaluyong address again (I was trying to update it to my new Cainta address, remember?). After that there was another mistake, then BANG it turns out they can only make 3 mistakes after which you’d need to come back – get this – 5 MONTHS LATER. Apparently it has to do with running out of batch numbers or some internal thing. Meanwhile they issue you 3 pieces of paper consisting of LTO receipts plus some official looking document that says ‘Temporary License’.

So, no biggie, but still, I wanted a plastic license – which for ID purposes as I previously explained, is far more reliable to get me through ID checks, as opposed to these stapled pieces of paper that make me have to go through a second or third look.

Well, month after month passed by, and since this sort of thing always falls at the bottom of priorities (since I can drive anyway – which is what’s important), I let it lapse several months still.

Until finally today when I felt my sched was free enough to get it done and lo and behold: The guy at Window 3 just stamps the (now crumbling) pieces of stapled paper, signs it, and EXTENDS THE DATE ANOTHER 5 MONTHS.

Thing is, I’m not really big on complaining especially considering that hey, I can drive still anyway, but isn’t this getting ridiculous? I asked him what I could do to finally get the plastic card type and I was directed to go to LTO Main at QC, where God knows what other pleasures await. Either that or, I was thinking I can just declare it lost, and go through the whole drug testing etc. etc. dance to get a ‘new’ one. Of course that’s wholly dependent on how difficult dealing with LTO Main is to begin with and the only way to find out is – yes – go there.


Whatever. We’ll see. In the meantime as of this very moment I’m starting to list whatever else things I need to do for the day, and sure enough renewing my license is gonna get buried under “Pay Supplier” and “Test New Site” sort of things to do. Meanwhile those crumbling pieces of stapled LTO papers will remain in my wallet for yet another half a year.

3 thoughts on “I reckon Tuesday is as good a day as any *(updated)

  1. Isn’t it so much fun (in a sarcastic sort of way) to deal with bureaucratic red tape?

    I had my own brush with it when I had to get a copy of my baptismal certificate for marriage purpose from a certain church. They mistyped my second name as Raura instead of Laura. This further led to the discovery of my second name being misspelled in their log books which was written ehem 40 years ago. Such a headache inducing hassle.

  2. cuzy Raura nakahanda na ang barong ko!!!!

    btw wait till you see my birth certificate. Apparently I have a “II” at the end of my name even though I don’t have the same name as my Dad (although I’m named after my Granddad), made even more curious since I’ve never been told to ever use it.

    It remains a mystery to this day and I don’t wanna get into it.

    Wala bang pre – party or something? :)

  3. Actually cuz, I foresee more messy trouble ahead when I apply for my birth certificate which doesn’t have my second name on it. Tsk tsk hirap talaga!

    There will surely be something something closer to the date or when my future mother in law breezes into town. I will keep you informed :)

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