Getting rid of the Ferrari

I’m supposed to be writing something for one of the blogs where i pretend to be a girl (so as not to ‘shock’ its readership too much), but instead I find myself writing here instead – inspite of the fact that I don’t really have much to say.

Oh wait but I do!

Meet Laszlo:

Named after a character in the book Jill happened to be reading, (and one of my favorite movies) The English Patient. The procurement of which (the camera, not the book) a result of the combination of the falling dollar plus the benevolence and industriousness of U.S. based friends.

You won’t believe how cheap the camera, plus two pieces Eneloop Batteries, a charger PLUS a 1gb. SD Sandisk Card turned out to be. It turned out so cheap that I’m not gonna say it here since.. oh i dunno, it seems almost a sin to get it that cheap. A hint: the alternative was to buy a 5mpixel much older cousin, the A460, which at the moment is being sold here in the Philippines for approximately 1k MORE than what I paid for my loot. That’s right, that’s JUST THE CAMERA, meanwhile I get the batts + charger and 1gb RAM as well.

Funny how you never really expect to get a bargain when you do. I had been saving up and biding my time for so long to get a decent cam and when it finally happened, the feeling is almost strange. I feel happy, but at the same time I knew it was gonna work out because I bided my time. (*bided – is that even a word?)

Anyways, I’m more happy at what having a decent cam means: the chance to get better images for the sites – one of our more prevailing issues. Finally we won’t have to rely so much on stock photos and Photoshop, and I can take better pictures of the stuff I sell on the Kikay Shop – one of the bigger thorns on my side and mainly what’s keeping me from offering even more stuff there.

Another interesting thing I’ve recently realized is that an annual account costs only P1,024.00 at our current rate. After having to pay through the nose for hosting costs at the latter part of last year I gotta tell you that is a good deal.

Be prepared to see a whole lot more color on this blog in the coming weeks. Maybe I can change that Ferrari finally at the top. It reminds me way too much of Willie Revillame.

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