Pacquiao Fearless Forecast plus Other Thoughts

I’ve been scouring the Internet for the past hour trying to find a streaming live video, audio or otherwise any whatever sort of livecast to no avail. I’ve found a few but they aren’t free, and their amateurish looking sites don’t look very reassuring, so no go.

Jill’s household usually buys into whatever Sky offers during Pacquiao fights to watch it live, but I’m still suffering from heat fatigue I got last Friday when I stupidly took a walk under direct sunlight for almost an hour, making me sick. I had two events that day and by the second one that evening my muscles were cramping and I felt like collapsing. Anyway I’ve decided to rest in for the weekend, and maybe get some work in too.

So anyway here’s what I think: Pacquiao’s gonna win. Which round? I dunno. What do I base this on? Just the way he looks. I know it sounds corny, but he does look like he’s got the ‘eye of the tiger’, whatever that is. Win or lose, he’s really become more impressive than I originally sized him up to be, mainly because inspite of the fact that he has already achieved far more than our wildest dreams would’ve thought anyone could, he’s still at it, training like his whole survival is at stake.

THAT, is the mark of a true hero, in my book. Training like you’re the underdog, even if you’re already a winner. So as far as I’m concerned, he can go and buy as many Cayennes and sign as many endorsements and even try TV hosting and *gasp* sing as much as he likes. It’s his time and money anyway. As far as respect goes, he already has mine.

And that’s not all I’m forecasting. Here are others:

Politicians will ruin his win by clambering on top of the ring as if they had anything to do with it. – Do I need to explain that? These people are leeches to the core, and if there’s one thing I’d wish Pacquiao would do is to avoid them allowing himself to be used by them. He can certainly do that, I think. He’s ‘bigger’ and has far more influence than FG, his cohort Congressmen and fellow crooks or all of them combined.

Commercials will ruin the experience for millions of Filipinos who can’t afford the P900 peso tickets (for the movie theatres) and cable. – Of course, there really isn’t much you can do here. The TV stations need to make money too, and there’s no avoiding the nauseating commercials that effectively make you do the exact opposite, which is to swear you’ll never buy Skecher’s, Alaxan, or any of those other brands ever again in your whole life. The movie theatres are a good idea too, although I wouldn’t go to the ones near areas where people can get rowdy. For some reason it reminds me those stories about FPJ movies, and how his diehard fans in wild and woolly Mindanao would pull out guns and start shooting at the Pacquito Diaz (the staple bad guy) whenever he’d appear on screen. I wonder if that’d still happen if they showed the fight in places like Zamboanga or Basilan?

The answer, really, is the Internet. I’m sure there’s a stream out there. Better start trying again. If there is one, I’ll find it. Grr.

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