Cannot Sleep Post

I unfortunately cannot sleep. In lieu of ZZZs, I am thinking about the ff. (yes, let’s bring on the famous bulletpoints). Start: 10:45PM.

  • Foremost, is the incredible Facebook API, and it’s recent decision to allow 3rd party developers to create apps that can change things like notes, links, videos and the all – important status updates. For what use is a social networking app, or anything on the ‘net if you think about it, if you cannot make broad hints at how available you are to your crush via Facebook? For what else is the internet for??

  • Above Facebook opinion is in light of other general web induced thoughts, such as my frustration in my ability to wrangle Drupal to output data the way I want it. Currently, I want several fields to products a single output, ie. Apple (4), Oranges (3), Banana (1), Cherry (0), to result in a straight line that looks like this: Fruits: Four Apples, Three Oranges, One banana.. Yes this is strictly a programming thing, so anyone looking for touchy feely, deep insights into the human soul sort of stuff can avert your eyes towards other things. At any rate I have already left queries on the Drupal forums. I will receive any hints towards resolution of my queries with glee.
  • I was a first time ninong at Tessa’s wedding last Friday morning! A just – as – surprised Char and I were at the QC Hall of Justice to witness the important event, and it was just as advertised: Solemn, Efficient, and Over Before You Knew It. The judge seemed to be having a whale of a time. After he made sure everything and everyone knew what they were doing, he reveled in Alby’s and Tessa’s pictures and just joked with everyone all the way. I have nothing but the best of hopes for the happy couple. Tessa I know you read this so Good Luck and Congratulations to you two again. Soon as Jill is back let’s all hang. Alby’s a lucky guy :)
  • At this point, you probably shouldn’t read this Tessa: Anyway, I finally got the Sony Memory Stick needed to make the Sony TG-1 Video Camera I was lent for review to work. I got it last Tuesday only to realize it was completely useless without a memory stick, one of a number of faux paxs the PR people kept making consistently. I don’t even wanna get into that, I just wanna start reviewing the thing. I obviously missed the perfect opportunity (the wedding), so that very sucks. I have an idea for a video though, but it will require some execution. Let’s see if I can manage to scrounge up the time.
  • Tomorrow is a full day at client, albeit I might ditch the afternoon issues to visit the BIR to resolve a long standing situation. I’m quite frustrated about my situation with that office and do not look forward to this assignment. All future income however is contingent upon the resolution of this issue and hence nothing but my full attention is required. Fact is, the faster I resolve this issue, the better. The faster I resolve this issue, the better. The faster I resolve this issue, the better. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Tuesday is an opportunity to watch the Confessions of a Shopaholic premiere, courtesy of receipt of a couple of tickets due to Kikay Exchange. I’ve always looked forward to KE receiving movie premieres and thus I’m quite excited about it. I remember watching Sex and the City and Devil Wears Prada and wishing we were invited to their premieres. It was obviously such a perfect fit and something we’d do anyway. The fact were getting them now is just another sign that hard work pays off. So long as you keep your focus, things turn for you at the end.
  • I played ball today and literally, the guys I am playing with are half my age. The funny thing is, one of them started to call me ‘manong’, and in recognition of that fact, I blocked his shot. I dunno if it was a conscious effort to make him ‘pay’ for that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did. Thing is, I remember how we went to Ilocos years ago, and everyone there calls everyone else ‘manong’, almost like you’d call someone ‘mister’. Over in the Tagalog region from where I am though, there’s an ‘old dude’ feeling to it, which is why I did not really warm up to it. Sadly, I didn’t finish the game, after getting a bum stomach (too much coffee). But I do wanna come back next week, and am looking forward to a visit to the gym on Tue and / or Thu to prepare for it. I know I’m probably too old to want to play as much as I have been (2x a week or more for the last 2 weeks), but as long as I can (barely) keep up, I don’t see why I shouldn’t. I still love the game, it still gives me thrills, and I can still feel the texture of the ball on the tips of my fingers after I righteously slapped that ball from the dude’s shot earlier. It felt GReeeaAAAt. I want more please. And as long as they let me, why not?
  • Ok back to the websites (yes, groan), I want to update MomEx to the latest Drupal, not a mean feat. There are also new features I want to implement on KE for two reasons: 1. More user – generated content. 2. More regular content other than the blogposts. I won’t get into details again (because I’m selfish and I don’t want anyone else to beat me to it), but I think I’ve got a bead on how to do it in WordPress. I think I’m gonna stick with WordPress as far as KE is concerned, if only because it seems to have improved greatly these past few months after what I thought was a rather long period of stagnation last year. It gives me something nice to compare Drupal against, and while the two are still different as night and day, each has its strengths that I’m trying to get the other to reach towards. WordPress however is damn easy as pie to customize, and I miss that with Drupal. Drupal however is unbelievable flexible, packed with potential and is only limited by your imagination, so I’m still sticking with that in as far as making content outside of blogposts is concerned. Maybe I’ll move BallEx to it soon, pending receipt of data I need (sadly) to ask permission for. But if not, I’ll keep it there for the time being.

Ok that’s my life at the moment in bullet points. I know my many loving fans (all 2 of you) are waiting for my typical mushyness at the end of these things, so here it is: Yes I am in longing, but No I try not to think about it, primarily by keeping busy (and yes, by playing basketball when I should probably be taking better care of myself). Cute fact: Jill’s dog Killer, when looking for her, apparently goes up to their room and checks the top of her bed for any signs, leaving depondently afterwards. Aww.

End time: 1137pm.

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