This isn’t necessarily a new year’s resolution post but probably more related to the image below, which I think is awesome.


I usually don’t post memes or stuff like this but there it is.

I think mostly because it strikes at the heart of what I’ve learned to be true in my old age. That relationships count, and how you treat people is pretty much how you treat yourself. Hate begets hate, and if you carry a lot of baggage it’s immature to think that doesn’t reflect on you. Emotions have far more than a dual effect on both the hater and hatee, something easily looked over when you’re angry and contemplating how much of a victim you are. It affects everyone around you.

Love works the same as well, and thankfully is far more catching.

Other stuff is downright correct. I notice unsuccessful people are those that spend a great deal of their time talking about other people, whilst there is no doubt in my mind that people who think of ideas are the ones that attract success.

However, what exactly is success? Is it purely a matter of compiling a ton of money and its trappings? Is a person who has a ton of friends but zero cash still a success?

Back in the 90s I remember the former to be true. Owning stuff was key to be called a success. Things have fortunately changed into the 2000s, where a person who has amassed riches but whose wife has left him and doesn’t speak to his kids is generally considered a failure.

I realize now success is what you make it to be. The most tempting ideal of success is obviously a thick wallet, and I wish it was as easy as that. However I’ve come to realize it is often a coward’s way of diverting attention from what you really want to attain in life, and what that is can be far more difficult to attain.

I can never generalize, but from what I’ve learned success to many people is freedom from whatever it is that makes their life miserable.

A friend and a relation needs freedom to be who they really are without the emotional hysteria they will receive when their parents find out they’d rather be the opposite sex. Another friend needs freedom from his own debilitating self – doubt, to grow a pair and live a more fulfilling life sans self imposed guilt. Another friend needs freedom from his myopic beliefs which he ironically believes is his salvation, blind to the fact that it does him more harm than good.

I need freedom to be stronger against my addictions, to be more focused, to stop doing what it is that makes me unhealthy while simultaneously doing what is good for me. It is varied, and it is easy for some and hard for others.

If it was just an issue of making enough money then we’d all be a bunch of happy well adjusted people right now but clearly it is not. What we got to do though is to press on, be honest with ourselves, and do what is right.

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