Project Leslie Update #4

Ladies and gentlemen, the parts have arrived from powder coating!


The powder coating came out PERFECT. Below is a pic of the plastic cover that comes in the default blue of the bike. Below that is the powder coated frame still wrapped in plastic. It is exactly the same.


There were exactly 12 parts.



Here are the insides of the frame.


IMG_20130220_144822Above used to look like this.



Above used to look like this.


But today was not without its issues. The mechanic has pointed out that the ignition key I bought does not fit the speedometer and is therefore useless. Also, I forgot to bring these items to get painted, and so I had to bring them there again. Thank God it’s just nearby.



That’s a kick starter, a brake pedal, the kick stand and the stand (I think that’s what its called). It’ll take another week to get it done but that’s ok. No sense in doing a half restoration.

But my biggest issue is this. While sorting out the parts I remembered I was never able to buy an original rear brake light. Here’s what it looks like, taken from a pic of another one I saw the other day:


So now I’m feeling like an idiot a little bit. I forgot I needed it and I’ve exerted zero effort trying to find one. I guess the only way I’ll find one is either via shipping one from Malaysia or Vietnam or convincing other bikes to give up theirs. We’ll see.

Anyway, next update I should be able to show the assembled bike!



5 thoughts on “Project Leslie Update #4”

  1. Hi Bro,

    I am the owners of the EX3 in bikepics. Any updates on your build?



  2. Hi Bro,

    I am the owner of the EX3 in bikepics. Any updates on your build?



  3. I just want to inquire where you powder coated your ex3? And how much? Thank you

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