New Basket & New Stuff For Repainting

The thing with having a hobby is that it is very much a self – serving activity. You are not saving the world here. You are not feeding the poor, promoting world peace, curing cancer, or anything even remotely like that. You’re not even helping your bottom line. While great people are hard at work at those things, you are very much into yourself, scurrying busily away working on your stuff totally oblivious to the world around you.

Yet despite completely acknowledging all that, when I bought this thing last week:


I was experiencing nothing less than complete and utter joy.

What it is is a basket for my Honda EX3 project of which I have again started on. I work on it at least once or twice a year depending on available funds. The basket will make the bike look female-ish but I don’t care, I want the thing to be functional as well as pretty and you can’t go on short shopping trips to the grocery if you don’t have a place to put stuff in, so that basket is perfect. I’m actually curious why more motorcyclists don’t have them installed. There are far too many guys driving around with big plastic bags full of stuff they bought at a store hanging from their handlebars.

Other stuff I’m having done on it is to chrome some under parts and sandblast the nasty brake drums.

Here’s what it used to look like:

IMG_20140430_165931Here’s how it looks sandblasted:

yay_006 yay_008 yay_007 yay_005 yay_009 yay_010 IMG_20140506_180809

Pics of the stuff painted and installed in a week from now. Yes this is exciting stuff (for me).

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