Imee Marcos used PAL as an express service to deliver her breastmilk daily from Europe to Manila

Caroline Kennedy (m. 1969–1985) was a British writer who lived in the Philippines for several years. She was married to National Artist Ben Cabrera and knew the Marcoses well.

She once had the chance to ask Irene, Imee’s younger sister, how Imee was able to breastfeed her son while traveling around Europe. Excerpt from her website post dated June 6, 2010:

“Later that same summer I found myself sitting on a sofa next to Imee’s younger sister, Irene. She and her new husband, Greg Araneta, were visiting London on their honeymoon. I now had a perfect opportunity to ask Irene why Imee had left her baby Ferdinand at home. “Daddy thought it was safer for him to stay in Manila,” Irene replied. “But I think I heard her saying she was still breastfeeding…” “Yes, she was.” Irene sounded bored. But I was intrigued. “How on earth did she continue to do that when she was travelling around Europe?” I persisted.” Irene glanced at me as though I was stupid. “Simple, Caroline!” she laughed. “She just expressed her milk everyday and then Daddy sent a Philippine Airlines plane to wherever she was and it would bring the milk back!” Irene shrugged her shoulders as if to say – isn’t that what every mother does when she’s away from her newborn baby for several weeks?”

That time coincides w/ PAL flight delays & cancellations of in Europe

More about Caroline Kennedy:

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