Boost Issues on KE

Here’s my issue.

  • I have a VPS with Hostgator Level 3; 1.13ghz, 768mb., 30gb disk.
  • I’m running just one site on it,, Drupal 6.26.
  • It has been crashing the past 2 weeks. Traffic usually starts picking up around this time of year. Support said I was running out of memory and shows I have up to 4 php processes running at the same time.

Please tell me what you think of my Boost settings here, broken down into 5 pages:

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MomEx Now Has Reviews And Other Stuff

I actually have a different site to herald events going on on the Exchange sites, but I’m announcing it here anyway. MomEx now has Book Reviews, starting with a review from Jill re a book for teens. I worked all day today on this and I’m pretty happy how that worked out. Later on I’m gonna tweak the node page further to align the image and highlight stuff better but for the most part I’m happy.

This is the 2nd feature I’ve added recently, the first one being the Bloggerfeeds section, which shows feeds from 18 and counting Mom Blogs at the moment. Some blog more often than others naturally, but I’m getting good stuff for the most part.

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New Exchange, Updates on Old Exchanges, Other Stuff

It’s gonna be harder for me to update lefthandedlayup, considering the ff.

  • I have now started to write for the newest Exchange Tech.Exchange. I will write on that every weekday and optionally on weekends.
  • I also have enough PRs of gadgets to upload to Tech.Ex’s Gadget Gallery so that I’d not run out for a year if I uploaded one a day.
  • I have launched a new feature on MomEx called School Reviews. I imported 1,577 records of NCR DECS accredited schools into it, from which visitors to the site can leave comments and rate from 1 to 10 stars. Here’s a sample school, where you can see people comment below, consequently leaving info important for other parents.
  • I plan to import the rest of the DECS schools nationwide, probably totalling in the 10,000 onwards, including public schools. By June, I hope people will rely on it as a resource for where to enroll their kids.

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Contesting Ownership of ‘’

Below is letter I sent to the domain registrar of I do not own that domain. If you go there, you will see a static website that is built to earn from ads from visitors who are looking for but mistakenly go to that domain instead.

Good day,
My name is Gabriel H. Mercado.
I am a Filipino businessman residing in the Philippines.

I am writing you in connection with a domain that has apparently been registered with your service:

I am contesting ownership of this domain for the ff. reasons:

  • I own a website called, along with several other websites residing in subdomains of the main domain: (please check other sites at my signature below).
  • has been in existence since August 2006. Our first post is linked here.
  •, due to its unique url, is often mistakenly referred to as ‘kikayexchange dot com’.

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Cannot Sleep Post

I unfortunately cannot sleep. In lieu of ZZZs, I am thinking about the ff. (yes, let’s bring on the famous bulletpoints). Start: 10:45PM.

  • Foremost, is the incredible Facebook API, and it’s recent decision to allow 3rd party developers to create apps that can change things like notes, links, videos and the all – important status updates. For what use is a social networking app, or anything on the ‘net if you think about it, if you cannot make broad hints at how available you are to your crush via Facebook? For what else is the internet for??

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Obsessed Much

I’m pretty much in geek overdrive these days, in no small part to the fact I am determined to reach a level of beta usability on the newest Exchange, and I think I am well on my way. The only issue is the sheer quantity of work required and my need to organize it in such a way that would effect its most efficient execution.

I am without a doubt focused on this 100%, to the point wherein I feel I have reached the point where I possibly hinge its success upon that of my own, as a person, that is. A risky, and foolhardy proposition, considering that it is merely, at the end of the day, a website.

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Facebook vs. Google

I knew this was gonna happen so I’m glad I invested in the wait. I had been waiting a long time to figure out my options as to which social networking tool I’d use to enhance my sites with, and after the smoke cleared I think I’m getting a fairly good idea now.

To sum it up, there are four nominees. Twitter, Plurk, Facebook Connect and just recently, I discovered Google’s Friend Connect. I haven’t twittered nor plurked too much though, but I’ve certainly Facebooked and Googled. The fact that Facebook has become something of a minor revolution to my site’s target audience (Filipina women) has helped it’s cause rather well. While Google, well, it’s Google, so the fight is on.

My observations so far:

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Really Really really really REALLY Wanna Make A New Blog

I made a blog with a specific theme before, but I had to take it down because I was just too busy and therefore wasn’t getting anywhere. So that should be a hint as to what it is.

I’m not telling outright because I might end up not doing it. However, like the title says, I really really really really really want to.

So I should right?

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