Ant Man 7/10

I haven’t written a movie review in a while but I thought of making one for Ant Man because it had a mentor element to it and I like mentor movies, and like I said I can’t get it out my mind so here I am writing it.

It had to do with Kung Fu Panda 2008 (yes I am referring Kung Fu Panda, I have a point here bear with me). In it, Dustin Hoffman plays Master Shifu, teacher and mentor to Jack Black’s Po.

To recount, a flashback informs the audience the origin of the main antagonist Tai Lung. Tai Lung was Master Shifu’s main candidate to be Dragon Warrior and was trained his whole life to expect he would be so. Shifu’s own Master Oogway however, never allowed it. As a result Tai Lung grew disillusioned and angry, focusing his anger on Shifu for making him expect so much.

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300 Rise Of An Empire 7/10

The most compelling thing there is in the first 300, after all the special effects and whatnot, is Gerald Butler. As King Leonidas he had this ironic, wry toothy grin plastered on his face that’s so effective it can make you overlook the senseless dialogue and laughable delivery, made worse by an idiotic faux British accent everyone tries to make exotic by rolling their Rs and Ss.

It’s sort of what you would expect if you made a WWE wrestler recite his threats in a Dracula accent. Stupid, and if you try to decipher what they are saying, even stupider.

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Gravity 8/10

James Cameron called this the ‘greatest space movie ever’ or something like that. I am differing not because it isn’t great but I don’t think it’s a space movie. It’s a survival movie, and so therefore when that became evident I started comparing it to other survival movies, particularly one of the best of them all in my opinion, Castaway.

And what makes me use Castaway is because it had all the elements of a great survival movie. Tom Hank’s character is in a fantastically desperate situation that would make most of us want to give up. Not only are the challenges tremendous, he needs to take them on alone. So alone is he it is almost like he is in a vacuum for most of the movie.

Bullock’s character Ryan is clearly in such a bind. With emotional baggage from an earlier incident to boot, she has to fight a frightening array of random disasters until it came to a point where she had to make a choice – find it in her to bring on the super human effort needed to fight harder and harder odds, or just give up.

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World War Z Movie Review


Reason being is special in the sense that it is due to my distinct experiences enjoying the zombie genre. Writing this also happens to be apt considering it involves I Am Legend by Richard Matheson who happens to have passed recently. So here’s my review:

I am a great fan of I Am Legend. It is an amazing book and the first I read that tells the story of a man being chased by transformed human beings, in this case ‘vampire – like’ creatures. I obviously wasn’t the only fan because the book also inspired George A. Romero who would then go and make ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, featuring ‘true’ zombies albeit the slow and plodding but nonetheless out – to – get – your – brains and will – only – stop – when – shot – in – the – head. Much later we will be introduced to the sprinting zombies of 28 Days Later which imo is the best in class of the fast running zombie genre, and then now we get World War Z.

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Movie Review: It Takes A Man And A Woman

The movie is about a couple on a long distance relationship that breaks up when Laida (Sarah) comes home to find Miggy (John Lloyd) kissing someone else. Flashbacks were used to show he did so only because he was vulnerable at the time due to his dad having just died. Laida goes back to the US and never forgives him despite his many attempts at reconciliation. It should be noted Laida is also sore at her father who cheated on her mother. This is important to understand what Laida’s issue is: a supposed inability to forgive, which I did not really get out of her. More on that later.

Miggy is the black sheep of a wealthy family whose publishing company is counting on finalizing a republishing agreement with a big brand in the US (or some franchising scheme I imagine), and wouldn’t you know, the only person who can help them is Laida. Much of the scenes have to do with the two dealing with each other along with Isabelle Daza, his current girlfriend who also happens to work with them.

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Iron Man 3 Review

I just stepped out the theater and here’s what I’m thinking:

Tony Stark was supposed to have been undergoing some kind of issue that may or may not have been discussed in the past and it has to do with how he cannot sleep. I think there may have been a story somewhere there and they should have pursued that, a kind of ‘he is not as infallible as you think’, always compelling with superhero stories imo, but for some reason they didn’t.

Or maybe they did, but at some point during the movie a villain appeared, (the guy who played the king’s brother in ‘The King’s Speech’), and there started a story around him as well as a girl (she played Ben Affleck’s girlfriend in the excellent ‘The Town’), but it wasn’t really interesting, didn’t make sense, or both. At any rate I felt I was being distracted from what I really wanted to know – what was wrong with Tony Stark and how was he going to deal with it.

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