New Exchange, Updates on Old Exchanges, Other Stuff

It’s gonna be harder for me to update lefthandedlayup, considering the ff.

  • I have now started to write for the newest Exchange Tech.Exchange. I will write on that every weekday and optionally on weekends.
  • I also have enough PRs of gadgets to upload to Tech.Ex’s Gadget Gallery so that I’d not run out for a year if I uploaded one a day.
  • I have launched a new feature on MomEx called School Reviews. I imported 1,577 records of NCR DECS accredited schools into it, from which visitors to the site can leave comments and rate from 1 to 10 stars. Here’s a sample school, where you can see people comment below, consequently leaving info important for other parents.
  • I plan to import the rest of the DECS schools nationwide, probably totalling in the 10,000 onwards, including public schools. By June, I hope people will rely on it as a resource for where to enroll their kids.

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Carlos Celdran Is One Of My Idols

I’ve never met him, I’m one of those losers who say ‘oh let’s join one of his tours!‘, and doesn’t do anything about it, and I’m occasionally shocked at the things he does.

But to those who want to make a change in this world, you can’t go wrong in finding inspiration at the ostentatious, silly looking man in the top hat who, crazily enough, finds beauty in the Philippines. What an out of this world opinion, right? I mean, isn’t the logical thing to get the hell out of here?

And so to you Carlos, whose tour I wanna join one day but probably won’t do anything about (being a loser), here’s my little post on my blog that serves to say how much I admire you, and people like you, who work against the literal tide of humanity making a beeline for the exit.

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My First Speaking Engagement *Changed Sked

Today I received below email. I actually said no the first time I was asked, being allergic to making presentations (I’ve had enough of that in previous jobs!). But I guess I’m too much of a sucker for a good compliment:

We�re hoping that you could do a 30-minute to an hour talk about blogging as a business venture. I would have chosen from our blogger-attendees during the 88DB Bloggers Night last month but I deemed that your Exchange sites are more successful than other blog sites. Since it is a short talk, I think you would be able to come up with a minimal presentation. A projector will be provided.

Man they sure know how to get a guy’s attention. But then they said this:

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Finally Met Yuga

I’m very glad to have made Abe Olandre‘s acquaintance last Friday, finally, at a Nokia event. We were amongst the group who came very early, so I went up to him and explained who I was, and he was very accomodating.

He said he had heard of my sites from his kumpare Alwell whose managed web hosting service I used to use, probably when they were talking shop. I had to leave Mobilehive when the sites were exceeding my monthly allocations almost within the 1st week, which I’m sure I talked about at length on this blog.

Anyway, Abe has always been on my radar, but we’ve never had the chance to meet, mostly because I haven’t ever attended any sort of blog meetup or conference since I started. When we started talking, I felt as if I was talking to an old friend, and for good reason. He is the only person I have met who is in exactly the same business as I am, doing almost the same methods as I do as well. We are both publishers and we each own several blogs, each of which pursue their own paths. He came in from the web hosting side of things, never expecting to write, while I came from the writing and publishing world so to speak.

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aaand we’re back! (again)

Finally found a good enough host for this blog, and Movie Exchange as well, which we are now re-christening as (drumroll please…):

awww yeah. I admit there was a point when I was wondering if I was even gonna resurrect either blog, but I decided, what the heck. The cost isn’t too steep and besides, I really don’t like the idea of stuff I’ve written in either blog to just disappear forever. Not that I’m necessarily the most read-worthy or sensible (or even consistent) blogger in the world but hey, I occasionally have my moments (at least I hope so) so I really don’t want it all to end up as some .tarball on my hard disk after all that work.

Having said that, I’d like to say I also miss PWIT (Philippine Week in Tech) too, which I was writing for a few months back but unfortunately was put to pasture by Adel. Truth is I have a lot of explaining to do as per the fact I missed out on writing duties on that blog when it was still around, but at the end of the day I kinda feel bad that stuff I wrote on it is gone forever. So Adel, if you read this, please holler if you’re interested in working to put it together again ok? I promise I’ll be more diligent in my writing duties.

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Aspiring DIY Online Publishers: Learn Photoshop

You know I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years now, and am still constantly floored as to the fact that what I write here is actually read by real people. I know that sounds nuts, since this is, of course, a blog on the in’ernet for chrissake, but I just checked out my ‘Just a few thoughts before I hie of to ZZZ land’ post last May 21, and the counter there says its been read 2412 times.

Now I know that counter can be wrong and is nowhere near as accurate as I’d want it to be, but 2412 times?!?! Even if the right number is just half that, I’d still be floored.

The reason why these things surprise me I think, is really because I really just write for myself when I write on this thing. Now I know that sounds like a whole lotta hallelujah, but that’s the truth. Stuff happens to me, and I wanna write it here so I won’t forget. Writing it here, I get to put a date and time stamp on it, and maybe two or three folks, like, say, a batchmate or a relative, will check it out and chime in with their own thoughts. Perfectly reasonable, right?

But 2412?!? Wow, if I say so myself.

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The Quarter Pounder that Blogging Bought

Ok so I’m really not into showing off, ok? But that seems to be the standard, mature thing to do if you earn from your blog. And so, I’ve decided it’s time to pamper myself a little, and when I say pamper, I’m talking ‘Go Big Time‘, baby.

all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese..

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Thinking of my blogs a day before Christmas

It’s a day before Christmas and I’m writing about my blogs. Call me obsessed.

Anyway, a few months ago, a blogger in a (more or less) popular group blog was peeved at a recent news announcement (i’m gonna try to make this as anonymous as possible, basically because I’m a nice guy, but really, I don’t wanna piss him off either because – well, it’s just too easy). Anyway, there was news / PR item which really ticked him off and he wrote about it on their blog of course.

Prob was, it was purely a PR item, and whilst I tried to explain it to him on their comments section, and tried to get him to email me to keep from explaining how it (PR) works to him in public, he was intent on keeping pissed, and even emailed the parties involved, which was the right thing to do if you wanted to get to the bottom of it, but unfortunately instead of investigating, he went ahead and lambasted them for their decision, being, in his mind representative of the Great Philippine Blogosphere (what is that anyway? aren’t we all just writers / publishers?).

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Of Aggregators and Unique Content

Over the past two weeks, I’ve noticed two new websites that siphon posts off of Ballex and Kikay. This site:, which got RubyG’s post on Skin Food, and this site:, which gets almost all of the posts off of Ballex.

These sites are called aggregators, which live off of content from different sites, and make it their own.

Now, let’s analyze that statement for a moment. First, the site has to a. Live off of content from different sites. That’s easy enough, with aggregating scripts and RSS. The fact I allow syndication means it’s ok with me that other people cite my websites. That’s the way the internet is and to disallow that is stupid. If you think about it, it actually helps the sites get even more popular, so that’s cool.

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