Boost Issues on KE

Here’s my issue.

  • I have a VPS with Hostgator Level 3; 1.13ghz, 768mb., 30gb disk.
  • I’m running just one site on it,, DrupalĀ 6.26.
  • It has been crashing the past 2 weeks. Traffic usually starts picking up around this time of year. Support said I was running out of memory and shows I have up to 4 php processes running at the same time.

Please tell me what you think of my Boost settings here, broken down into 5 pages:

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MomEx Now Has Reviews And Other Stuff

I actually have a different site to herald events going on on the Exchange sites, but I’m announcing it here anyway. MomEx now has Book Reviews, starting with a review from Jill re a book for teens. I worked all day today on this and I’m pretty happy how that worked out. Later on I’m gonna tweak the node page further to align the image and highlight stuff better but for the most part I’m happy.

This is the 2nd feature I’ve added recently, the first one being the Bloggerfeeds section, which shows feeds from 18 and counting Mom Blogs at the moment. Some blog more often than others naturally, but I’m getting good stuff for the most part.

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Obsessed Much

I’m pretty much in geek overdrive these days, in no small part to the fact I am determined to reach a level of beta usability on the newest Exchange, and I think I am well on my way. The only issue is the sheer quantity of work required and my need to organize it in such a way that would effect its most efficient execution.

I am without a doubt focused on this 100%, to the point wherein I feel I have reached the point where I possibly hinge its success upon that of my own, as a person, that is. A risky, and foolhardy proposition, considering that it is merely, at the end of the day, a website.

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Very Drupal Post

The fact I seldom write on my own blog has caused me to actually forget the password. Fortunately I have a weird habit(?) of being able to remember every password (and even combination lock number) I’ve ever used since childhood and so I went through them one by one till I got in. I’m sure that’s very impressive to somebody out there so I’m just saying it.

I’ve worked all day on MomEx and finally got some semblance of the Yahoo! Answers like system I’ve been saying I’m gonna implement for such a long time. Only thing I didn’t get done was to put a voting system for the comments so that the person who posted the question (or the people) can vote which answer is best. I tried using the vote up or down module which can implement voting on nodes and comments. I can turn off voting on the nodes which I don’t need, but voting on comments applies to all content types and not just the question content type I created. That sucks because again, I only want voting on comments for the questions, not comments on, say, the blog entries.

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MomEx WordPress to Drupal Migration 80% done

My todo list today (x means done):

x backup momex db
x backup momex files (everything)

x create mom1 (backup of wp)
x make mom1 work

x activate zen / momex
x activate offline mode

x download momdrupal in delayed inserts (works with bigdump)

x delete all modules in stock momdrupal
x copy all modeuls in 192momdrupal
x upload all modules from 192momdrupal to new momdrupal

x edit settings.php

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Almost There

I’ve managed to migrate MomEx posts, which run on WordPress, to Drupal 5.9 on my test server. Whoopee!

I used WordPress Import, a pretty powerful tool which is still in development mode. On the surface it’s a straightforward process of installing the module, uploading your WordPress .wxr file and then mapping out which posts are ‘owned’ by which users (aka authors). It then transfers both posts and comments associated with it.

It becomes a hell of a lot more complicated though when your .wxr file is 17mb. like mine, and I have nearly a hundred different subscribers and authors.

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Assessing A Planned Move from WordPress to Drupal

I need to write this down to serve as a list in determining a mass migration of my sites from WordPress to Drupal, so I’ll just blog it right? I’ll start with a list of a few WordPress issues I am frustrated with, off the top of my head:

    Asides: I wanna show posts (or post titles, or post titles with excerpts) from specific categories on the sidebar. I have done this with limited success on BallEx on a category I called ‘PBA Notes’ (ftg. news fresh from the PBA), but unfortunately WordPress counting mechanism counts these posts as part of the posts that it should display on the front page, so everytime I post to the PBA Notes category, it removes a post from the index. It’s not a terribly difficult issue and is ‘resolved’ somewhat by merely posting more (which I should be doing anyway), but it’s kept me stumped for too long a while already, and prevents me from putting even more categories on the sidebar. At the moment the setting on BallEx for ‘Options > Reading > Blog Pages show at most:” is set at 30.

    As I mentioned on this post, the best Aside Plugin seems to be Katesgasis’ Sideblog, but it has unfortunately not been since 2006.

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About Drupal, The most annoying thing about moving blogs, and another project idea

The most annoying thing about moving blogs is that I’d have to do all my links, all the stuff in my about page, the categories and all that other stuff all over again.

It’s taken me a long time to decide which free blogging place to use and although has its limitations, it’s certainly less limited than blogspot and LJ. Or at least, as far as I know since the last time I checked, which has been awhile. Suffice it to say I’m not completely sold on staying here, and I do wanna check out the others, although it’s time consuming and besides, it’s just for a personal blog right?

Nah. You know what? Why don’t I just go flat out and just say I’m lazy. Yeah that hit the nail on the head right there.

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