Jun Lozada, You Have NO Friends.

Joker Arroyo blew his top at Lozada before he finished recounting how he had a meeting with the Senator’s wife. And as I watched at how Lozada started raising his patent girly voice in surprise, eventually leading to tears, I just had to wonder if Lozada knew what he was getting into when he got there. Apparently, judging from his reaction, he doesn’t.

Jun Lozada imho, is either naive or in denial. He clearly doesn’t see that in politics, he has no friends. As he declares how much of a fan he is of Joker Arroyo, the surprise in his voice at Joker’s anger was hard to mask. Lozada is a babe in the woods, and to his credit he admits as much. He is completely clueless to the fact that at this point, he shouldn’t trust anyone, because in politics it is every man for himself, each one looking out for number one. So if he really truly believes that Mike Defensor, Sec. Atienza, or anyone else amongst his proferred friends would not sell their souls to see him shut up, he’s sure to be crying even more in the days to come.

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I reckon Tuesday is as good a day as any *(updated)

to get my license renewed.

So off I go.

1.5 hours later:

ahhhm back!

and once again, plagued by the inefficiencies of the LTO / my bad luck with official documents of any nature per se.

As per the LTO, it all started last year when I was trying to update the address on my card – type driver’s license, which helps as an ID when you’re trying to cash checks or whatever.

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