Old Movie Week (or Month)

Old Movie Week (or Month)

As a testament to how boring exciting a couple we are, Jill and I are about to embark on an Old Movie Tour in the coming weeks. Many of which are from my recollection of movies I watched but never really understood so much as a kid, but nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed, and had somewhat shaped my opinion and perception on popular culture, the arts, artists, and what movies and theater were all about. Forgive me if I sound serious but movies a serious topic, for me, be.

A sampling:


Cabaret is one of the most frequently copied, spectacular movies I’ve ever seen. I was surprised when everyone was raving about Chicago, when I realized that they had probably never seen Cabaret. To be plainly clear about it, Chicago is a sad, pathetic attempt. When I think of great singing, dancing performers, there is nothing quite like Liza Minelli. Check out Michael York here, before he became just another funny character in those Austin Powers movies. The only copy that can possibly come close is Flashdance and maybe some scenes from Fame, but that’s about it.

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Tropa de Elite and other planned reviews

I just watched the highly controversial Tropa de Elite, which I was desperate to see after seeing just a few seconds of a report about it from BBC news and consequently Googling it up. The movie runs a narrative using the voice of Capitao Nascimiento (played by the amazing Wagner Moura), a fictional leader of the BOPE or Special Operations Battalion, and elite corp of highly trained soldiers that, if the accounts from the movie are true, operate above the law in what it perceives as an all – out war against drug trafficking in the poor sections of Rio, Brazil.

The movie is a stunning display of violence and real life in the drug dependent slums of Rio, where large sections called Favelas are controlled by drug lords with small armies armed to the teeth with high powered rifles they carry around with them like jewelry. The streets are dark and dirty, the poor wear tatters and live in sub human conditions, the local police are so crooked and desperately corrupt that they often end up in turf fights of their own, and the rich College kids are lazy, doped out brats whose insulated view of the world makes them just as guilty to the depravity around them. On one hand, they work in NGOs trying to help the poor and mouth slogans and sing songs against the police, but on the other they consume and even distribute drugs that helps fund the cartels. A pretty familiar world for the typical city dwelling low income Pinoy, if you ask me.

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Top Movie Geeks Part Deux (from PWIT.org)

So ok it has not escaped my attention that the top 4 movie geeks post is well – visited, with thanks perhaps to my legions of relatives and the fact I have inserted a small applet that clicks it every few minutes to make it’s ‘hits’ increase. Ehem. Anyway, so I’ve decided to make a new list, featuring some other movies I’ve left out. And so without further ado, herewith for your perusal:

Office Space

apr042007_officespace.jpgHow in the HECK could I have forgotten one of my favorite movies of all time, the classic Office Space – with pre – MTV Ron Livingston, a very early hot and sexy Jennifer Aniston and directed by Mike Judge. Aniston’s ‘Kung Fu? I love kung – fu!‘ phrase (she was talking about movies) is probably the only thing I actually remember her saying word for word even after years of ‘Friends’ and her other movies – the sexiest words a geek can ever hope to hear from someone who looks like her. At any rate, this movie brings me back to my early tie – wearing days programming stuff in VB and hating every minute of it, working, as Livingston’s character says “just enough not to get fired”.

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Movie Quotes To Remember Just Before Shooting Someone

“This is what’s going to happen,” she says. “This is what’s going to happen. I will put a round precisely through your medulla oblongata, which is located at the base of your brain, straight through a point mid-distance between your upper lip and the bottom of your nose and you will be dead from the neck down. Your finger won�t even twitch. Do you believe that?”

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