Aspiring DIY Online Publishers: Learn Photoshop

You know I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years now, and am still constantly floored as to the fact that what I write here is actually read by real people. I know that sounds nuts, since this is, of course, a blog on the in’ernet for chrissake, but I just checked out my ‘Just a few thoughts before I hie of to ZZZ land’ post last May 21, and the counter there says its been read 2412 times.

Now I know that counter can be wrong and is nowhere near as accurate as I’d want it to be, but 2412 times?!?! Even if the right number is just half that, I’d still be floored.

The reason why these things surprise me I think, is really because I really just write for myself when I write on this thing. Now I know that sounds like a whole lotta hallelujah, but that’s the truth. Stuff happens to me, and I wanna write it here so I won’t forget. Writing it here, I get to put a date and time stamp on it, and maybe two or three folks, like, say, a batchmate or a relative, will check it out and chime in with their own thoughts. Perfectly reasonable, right?

But 2412?!? Wow, if I say so myself.

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Informatics Galleria T-TH 6-9PM, and the seat of my pants

And just like that, I am now a Part Time Trainor again at Informatics Galleria. I decided to inquire about openings on Wednesday two days ago while on a lunch break with Ge, found time to submit a resume that evening, and by yesterday was signing a contract to teach Basic Photoshop for 15 hours at the aforementioned time and dates.

I think what I was thinking was: 6-9PM is the absolute worst time to get a ride home from Galleria to Cainta. By 9pm the traffic would’ve cleared, and since I have to go to my client there from time to time, I figured it’s time well spent. Besides, I did enjoy the teaching gig a few years ago, and [tag]Photoshop[/tag] is my life, my love and my happiness. It is however, extremely tiring and draining. Although its supposedly just 3 hours every t-th, it’s an additional hour or two preparing for that, plus making sure everything else in your life is working so as to free up that time for it.

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