I’ve done this before and I’ll probably do it many times again. Here’s what’s going on in my life, in bullet points!

  • Ayuc (my ‘as yet unnamed computer, an iBook g4), is horribly underpowered with only 256mb. I’ve checked around and a Kingston 1gb. pc2100 ddr266 sodimm stick of ram will burn a php4,500+ hole in my wallet, so an upgrade has been shelved at the moment. Sadly, the issue is telling especially when I try to host local copies of my websites for presentation purposes (c/o the excellent MAMP, a terrific utility that lets you do exactly that.

    As a result I spent most of the day today setting up mock versions of KE and BallEx on ayuc. It’s not perfect but it’ll do.

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Obsessed Much

I’m pretty much in geek overdrive these days, in no small part to the fact I am determined to reach a level of beta usability on the newest Exchange, and I think I am well on my way. The only issue is the sheer quantity of work required and my need to organize it in such a way that would effect its most efficient execution.

I am without a doubt focused on this 100%, to the point wherein I feel I have reached the point where I possibly hinge its success upon that of my own, as a person, that is. A risky, and foolhardy proposition, considering that it is merely, at the end of the day, a website.

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Opinion re Cable TV

After the recent re-installation of Cable TV in our household, I have come to the ff. conclusions:

  1. It is for the most part, a monstrous waste of time – Once you turn the TV on, you will inevitably find something interesting to watch. For example, I happened onto a 60 Minutes feature on the FBI agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein for the duration of his incarceration before being handed back to the Iraqis. The other day, I was also enthralled by a BBC documentary ftg. two nerdy guys trying to make a motorcycle to run on compressed air, in an effort to make a zero emission delivery vehicle for a sandwich manufacturer in London.

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Why I Hate Flash

Just a quick note on why I hate Flash, for my reference whenever I get into an (occasionally heated) discussion on why I.. well, hate Flash:

  • Nice looking graphics get old quickly anyway – After seeing the graphics load, no matter how fancy, it becomes a pain to watch it load again – and again – and again, everytime you go back to the website. I don’t care how pretty it is. Unless you have the memory of a goldfish, after the first ooh and ahh you’re likely sated and ready to move on.
  • It’s a heavy download – This is fairly obvious. That’s why Flash designers create all sorts of fancy loading images and hour glass / hour clocks to entertain you whilst you waste away precious moments of your life waiting for the $*#$! site to load. As far as I’m concerned, everytime you put a loader in front of a website visitor there is a 30% to 50% chance he’s gonna lose interest and go elsewhere. That alone, to me, is unacceptable.

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Very Drupal Post

The fact I seldom write on my own blog has caused me to actually forget the password. Fortunately I have a weird habit(?) of being able to remember every password (and even combination lock number) I’ve ever used since childhood and so I went through them one by one till I got in. I’m sure that’s very impressive to somebody out there so I’m just saying it.

I’ve worked all day on MomEx and finally got some semblance of the Yahoo! Answers like system I’ve been saying I’m gonna implement for such a long time. Only thing I didn’t get done was to put a voting system for the comments so that the person who posted the question (or the people) can vote which answer is best. I tried using the vote up or down module which can implement voting on nodes and comments. I can turn off voting on the nodes which I don’t need, but voting on comments applies to all content types and not just the question content type I created. That sucks because again, I only want voting on comments for the questions, not comments on, say, the blog entries.

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Learn More About The Philippines via Korean Documentaries

Every night free TV Channel 13 shows these Korean documentaries made for a Korean audience about the Philippines.

Last week I caught one about how Pinoys like music so much and how it is so ingrained in our culture. A few minutes ago I just finished another one about eco – tourism in places like Bohol and some island I can’t remember. Both times weren’t fawnish or critical in any way. The music one covered showbands and young people joining and getting into bands to use as tickets to find gigs abroad, while at the same time featuring people like Charice Pempengco and a band or two that were into it purely for love of music. They even featured a tv channel in Cebu which shows old people singing ancient Bisaya songs live in a tone and pace unfamiliar to me and dissimilar to Kundiman. People just call a number flashed on the screen for requests and they oblige.

The more recent one I just finished discussed the near wasteland the Rice Terraces were turning out to be because their young people preferred working elsewhere or in tourism related jobs, effectively eroding the reason why tourists went there in the first place.

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