1. Jose Allan De Jesus
  2. Liza Marquez
  3. Lester Peregrina
  4. Janine Marcos
  5. Anthony Marius Arroyo
  6. Maria Celeste Cruz
  7. Jee Ann De Gracia
  8. Ceasar Ni´┐Żo Vidamo (earlier posted as Cesar Nino Vidano)
  9. Rainier Tan
  10. Maureen de Leon
  11. Ricardo Petras (earlier posted as Bertras)

As of right now these are the names of eleven people whose lives were inexplicably taken from them by some maniac who decided to blow up Glorietta the other day. I read these names and I wonder who they are, what they could have probably done to deserve their fate, and what level of lunacy there is to have influenced the nameless forces that had seen it fit to do such a thing.

And since we have no answer to any of these, the only thing we can do is to pray for them, and hope that one day whoever it is to have caused such grief will be held responsible, so as to bring even a flicker of meaning to all this craziness. It is only right.

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