Belated Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Rather belatedly as well I think, Queen getting voted the ‘Best British Band Of All Time‘.

As if we needed to be told that.

Anyway, here’s a personal collection of select performances. The great Freddie Mercury will always bring chills down my spine.

Radio Ga Ga

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Movie Promotion via (make a guess) Youtube

From Yahoo Tech:

Studios catching viral bug to promo new DVDs online
“LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Online video sites like YouTube are Hollywood’s hottest new marketing tool.”….”YouTube is a key component in our overall marketing and publicity strategy,” said Greg Newman, executive vice president development for MPI Home Video and Dark Sky Films”…” Paramount Home Entertainment recently started posting “some content” to YouTube”.

tsk tsk. Old news. Here’re a few Cinemalaya 2006 Filmfest entries in the short film category:

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Barcamp thoughts

I just watched this video about Barcamp, with the goal to show what it’s all about and such.

I first read of it from Sacha’s blog. Incidentally, her blog, featuring her travails as a stude in Canada, is a fascinating read of the adventures (and misadventures) of a young woman learning her way around the campus, and consequently in life.

It loads like molasses (sorry Sacha :D), but when you read it you’ll likely feel like I do, and applaud her, as if cheering on a heroine in a movie, as she goes through her daily stuff. She is me several years ago (just how many years is not the subject of this blog entry thank you very much), and you’d probably find a part of yourself in her as well.

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Commercials I want to see on Youtube

In no particular order:

  1. Caronia Nail Polish
  2. Tancho Pomade
  3. United American Tiki Tiki (or was this just a jingle?)
  4. La Germania – Generates love.. (especially the early ones.)
  5. YC Bikini Brief (again, just a jingle?)
  6. Seiko wallet
  7. ..the toothpaste commercial that goes “Father, Mother, Brother, Sister how do you brush your teeth?”
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