Adobo, Commuting, and Expensive Gym Rates

I played my first game yesterday, and I ached a little bit that night but overall felt great. It was just a simple 2 on 2 with some village kids but I huffed and puffed and did fairly well, I think each team won a game.

Today I had to take a meeting with someone at The Fort. Going there was a 20 minute tricycle ride, a 40 minute shuttle ride and another 15 minute cab ride. I left at 1040am and was there around lunch. That’s pretty good and comparable to when I lived in Cainta, especially considering the approx. 60+ kilometer distance. The difference of course was virtually zero traffic and we were moving all the time. Under the same conditions the travel time to Cainta would be less than half, but since the idiots who run that place can’t get their heads together long enough to fix the traffic that’s never the case.

Anyway, here’s a pic of some adobo.

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Why I Need To Workout

For no particular reason other than I want to blog about something but can’t think of any other something, forthwith are reasons why I need to work out often:

Sleep Apnea – I know I self – diagnosed this, but I’ve all the symptoms, including fatigue from lack of sleep, waking up at 3am to take a leak, deep set eye bags again from lack of sleep, waking up in a sweat every so often at night (because my lungs were struggling to breathe), and finally the most damning of all, dreams of drowning. The particular recurring dream is fairly vivid. I am on a white sandy beach with some rocky breakwater hills in the distance, which I investigate. While doing so, I enter small caves and whatnot, and before I know it the tide is coming in strong, so strong that I cannot go back to the sandy beach. I struggle to climb higher, but the strong waves start lapping at my feet and upward. At this point I assume I wake up.

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Of Lousy Domain Registrars and Good Workouts

The million fans of this blog (less 999,997) may have wondered where it went when this domain lapsed a few days ago. Credit (or debit?) my brilliant domain registrar for this oversight, as he failed to contact me beforehand – whereas SOP for registrars would be to contact you 3 months before.

Not only that, he doesn’t even apologize, merely replying after I texted him about it that it’s been relisted and it’ll be back in a few days. Yesterday he then texted to remind me of payment, after which I said ‘sure, just put me in your calendar (so it wont happen again) ok?’, to which I got no reply. EXCELLENT service right there, don’t you think? Especially considering I sent a fair share of business his way when I was still in the web design business. I’m just glad this is just a personal blog and not a critical service like the Exchanges. If I were still hosted at his service (he was my first host), I probably would’ve made a personal appearance to wherever he is in Laguna.

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