S90 Update 5 – Bought parts, Received Blasted & Painted Parts

Ok where do I start.

I now have the frame, fenders, swingarm etc. back. I had to return the fenders though because the ‘aluminum’ color I chose turned out to be too white. I replaced it with ‘secret silver’ which should be the ‘silvery grey stock metal’ color I am going for.

I’m due to receive the painted front brake and the battery cover soon. The rear hub was chipped so my mechanic advised me to buy a Honda Dream CT100 drum which is apparently the same.

The powder coat people called to tell me the gas tank had a couple of pinholes in it so I had to pick it up, have it welded and return it. I’m so glad this place is all near the house so it only took a few hours.

The engine, shock legs and other stuff are finished. Engine is now with my mechanic. I’ll bring the frame and other stuff over after he gets it running as he doesn’t want those lying around his shop potentially getting scratched or lost.

2 thoughts on “S90 Update 5 – Bought parts, Received Blasted & Painted Parts”

  1. i bought mine via a local Philippine shopping site owned by alibaba. the merchant was from indonesia. Not sure where you are but if you have a way to ship from indonesian merchants you’re in luck, otherwise your only choice may be ebay, nospartsnow.com or cmsnl.com

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