MomEx WordPress to Drupal Migration 80% done

My todo list today (x means done):

x backup momex db
x backup momex files (everything)

x create mom1 (backup of wp)
x make mom1 work

x activate zen / momex
x activate offline mode

x download momdrupal in delayed inserts (works with bigdump)

x delete all modules in stock momdrupal
x copy all modeuls in 192momdrupal
x upload all modules from 192momdrupal to new momdrupal

x edit settings.php

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Almost There

I’ve managed to migrate MomEx posts, which run on WordPress, to Drupal 5.9 on my test server. Whoopee!

I used WordPress Import, a pretty powerful tool which is still in development mode. On the surface it’s a straightforward process of installing the module, uploading your WordPress .wxr file and then mapping out which posts are ‘owned’ by which users (aka authors). It then transfers both posts and comments associated with it.

It becomes a hell of a lot more complicated though when your .wxr file is 17mb. like mine, and I have nearly a hundred different subscribers and authors.

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Assessing A Planned Move from WordPress to Drupal

I need to write this down to serve as a list in determining a mass migration of my sites from WordPress to Drupal, so I’ll just blog it right? I’ll start with a list of a few WordPress issues I am frustrated with, off the top of my head:

    Asides: I wanna show posts (or post titles, or post titles with excerpts) from specific categories on the sidebar. I have done this with limited success on BallEx on a category I called ‘PBA Notes’ (ftg. news fresh from the PBA), but unfortunately WordPress counting mechanism counts these posts as part of the posts that it should display on the front page, so everytime I post to the PBA Notes category, it removes a post from the index. It’s not a terribly difficult issue and is ‘resolved’ somewhat by merely posting more (which I should be doing anyway), but it’s kept me stumped for too long a while already, and prevents me from putting even more categories on the sidebar. At the moment the setting on BallEx for ‘Options > Reading > Blog Pages show at most:” is set at 30.

    As I mentioned on this post, the best Aside Plugin seems to be Katesgasis’ Sideblog, but it has unfortunately not been since 2006.

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Something Seriously Wrong With New WordPress 2.6

I upgraded this blog and now my permalinks structure causes 404 errors.

I have reverted this to use WordPress Default, and am not using permalinks at the moment.

I am investigating the sql file and my (very few) plugins but I don’t know if the issue is there. I think it may have to do with rules for Lighttpd. Using lighty has been a struggle really, especially when you encounter errors, because at the back of my mind I often wonder if it has something to do with it.

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Notes on Recent Comments

Am having fun with applying the Recent Comments plugin with Gravatars on my sites. I started with simple code, showing this:

using this code:

<a href="{commenterurl}" target="new"><span class="stats"><strong>{commenter}</strong></span></a> on <a href="{url}"><strong>{title}</strong></a> <a href="{commenturl}" rel="bookmark" title="{commentdate} at {commenttime}">: <em>{commentsnippet:50}</em>...</a><br><br>

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Review of Aside Plugins

I’ve been mucking about WordPress’ meta info and such because I’m trying to show posts from specific categories to show up at specific places outside of the loop. Yes, this is one of those techie posts with code stuff and all so if you’re looking for my usual touchy feely monotonous nonsense, move along this is not for you. I will revert to normal programming immediately after I lick this problem.

Anyway, am writing here my thoughts on the 3 plugins that I tried for this purpose. Am doing so to remember them and possibly help others save time. Who knows, I might actually get the energy to write my own plug in after all this mucking about. I imagine a lot of people would appreciate it, and besides there’s thankfully no need for javascript, just php extracting from mysql in a specific way. The usual stuff.

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XML Feed Finally Validating

I just fixed one of the most confounding problems I’d ever come across on WordPress, so I’m sharing how I did it because I definitely couldn’t find the solution after weeks of trying.

See I was trying to get the valid XML feed for a particular Tag or Category from this blog, a process I’ve instigated on PLUG’s mailing list, so that the PLUG website can aggregate feeds tagged as ‘plug’ or ‘open source’ or ‘foss’ voluntarily submitted by its (currently 130+ strong) membership.

The problem was when I try to get the feed URL, for example:

I get this error:

XML Parsing Error: xml declaration not at start of external entity
Line Number 2, Column 1:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

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I Accidentally Deleted BallEx Today

But got it up from a day old sql backup. I posted this morning but I managed to retrieve that as well by being subscribed to my own RSS feed, so it was ‘backed up’ more or less.

Can I just say, WHEEEEWWWWWWW!

What I was working on needed a new db installed and I foolishly created one that was too similarly named to ballex’s DB. I made a few mistakes installing it so I decided to scratch it and start over by deleting the DB and – guess what – I deleted ballex’s instead. I definitely heard an audible gasp for air when I realized what I did.

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Upgrading to WordPress 2.3.3 (waaay updated)

New WordPress Out Again!! And for the life of me, even if I’ve been webmastering in the wonderful of WordPress for years now, I still don’t enjoy the process of upgrading, unassuaged* by the fact I have to do it 3 times every time (I have 3 blogs, not including this).

At any rate, further investigation (highly recommended everytime a new release of anything – drupal, phpbb, etc., comes out), has shown an easier way.

It’s all, as always, on the WP Blog. Apparently most of the hullabaloo has to do with, to quote, an “XML-RPC implementation such that a specially crafted request would allow a user to edit posts of other users on that blog“, assuming you allow registration. Ergo, merely replacing the xmlprc.php file will suffice! Here’s the link to that.

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