Upgrading to WordPress 2.3.3 (waaay updated)

New WordPress Out Again!! And for the life of me, even if I’ve been webmastering in the wonderful of WordPress for years now, I still don’t enjoy the process of upgrading, unassuaged* by the fact I have to do it 3 times every time (I have 3 blogs, not including this).

At any rate, further investigation (highly recommended everytime a new release of anything – drupal, phpbb, etc., comes out), has shown an easier way.

It’s all, as always, on the WP Blog. Apparently most of the hullabaloo has to do with, to quote, an “XML-RPC implementation such that a specially crafted request would allow a user to edit posts of other users on that blog“, assuming you allow registration. Ergo, merely replacing the xmlprc.php file will suffice! Here’s the link to that.

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