Selling my beloved 1998 C70

Selling my beloved 1998 C70
• Registered 2014, complete OR / CR
• Bought 2010, slowly restored for 5 years
• Original parts bought at Triumph Caloocan, ie. seat, fr and rr signal lights, speedo, harness, sub cross plate, seat lock, muffler, fr and rr fender, muffler stay, plate holder, camshaft orig carburetor
• 99% Complete receipts of all items.
• All electric working.
• Professionally sandblasted and powder coated.
• Chrome stand, brake and gear pedals, rear carrier.
• Super reliable, rarely used
• Including basket and front rack (need repaint)
• Owner is one of the Admins of Honda Super Cub Philippines FB Group

• Punit ang right side ng legshield, pero tinakpan ko ng rubber lining.
• Basag ang right rear signal light, will provide replacement.
• Slight oil leak.
RFS: time to move on.

New Carb, Mirrors

After the rebore on Leslie I needed to address another much older problem, acceleration hesitation and occasional stalling. It is a terrible problem because just when you need good acceleration such as when you’re trying to do a u-turn on the highway before a car comes it would suddenly sputter and die. It made me feel like throwing it off a bridge.

So I decided to finally spring for a new carburetor (P4,700.00).

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Items For Sandblasting & Powder Coating

Below are the items from Leslie that I will have sandblasted and powdercoated to black again before rust ensues. Clockwise from the left is the license plate holder, the ‘sub cross plate’, and the muffler stay.


The S90 swingarm will be joining them as well.

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Install Rear Taillights & Prep for Re – paint Weekend

I recently brought Leslie my EX3 Honda to a shop to install rear signal lights so I had a chance to look at the insides again after a year it was first installed. There was some rust already even after I had relatively kept it under a bike cover and never ran it in wet roads. So this weekend I had the chance to break it open again and here it is.

01To be honest it really shouldn’t shock me considering these after market Honda parts are known more for affordability than quality, but it still bugs me to heck that they so easily rust. I mean, look below. Continue reading Install Rear Taillights & Prep for Re – paint Weekend

Leslie Update: Basket and Chromed Parts Installed

  • Basket: P700.00
  • Various allen type stainless nuts and bolts: P200-300.00 (I buy extra for spares)
  • Chrome: P1,800.00
  • Stickers: P800.00
  • Old School round rear signal lights: P1,000.00
  • Chromed basket and center spine rack: Can’t remember price anymore, bought during Vietnam trip.
  • Water proof Cover: P800.00
  • Battery: P300
  • Electrical repair labor + rectifier and blinker: P600+-


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New Basket & New Stuff For Repainting

The thing with having a hobby is that it is very much a self – serving activity. You are not saving the world here. You are not feeding the poor, promoting world peace, curing cancer, or anything even remotely like that. You’re not even helping your bottom line. While great people are hard at work at those things, you are very much into yourself, scurrying busily away working on your stuff totally oblivious to the world around you.

Yet despite completely acknowledging all that, when I bought this thing last week:

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