New Carb, Mirrors

After the rebore on Leslie I needed to address another much older problem, acceleration hesitation and occasional stalling. It is a terrible problem because just when you need good acceleration such as when you’re trying to do a u-turn on the highway before a car comes it would suddenly sputter and die. It made me feel like throwing it off a bridge.

So I decided to finally spring for a new carburetor (P4,700.00).


and a new manifold (P780.00) which turned out to be a waste of money since it turned out I still had the original one. I thought it was thrown away along with a recent house clean up.

Here is the Mikuni unit it replaced:


I will sell it for may P400.00 or something. It’s still ok, it was just too big for my bike. When it was installed my bike would stall after a couple of hard revs followed by a sudden twist for another high rev. Eventually I realized this was caused by the engine getting flooded.

I know this because now the bike is revving perfectly with zero stalling whatever I try to do. I know I might be able to make the Mikuni carburetor still work by having the manifold machine shopped to size but I decided to just remove any guess work and just get an original carburetor. The one I bought is one of only four left at Triumph Caloocan, and the plastic it came in was already getting yellow with age.

01ayuntamientoHere are the various upper and lower manifold gaskets:

04ayuntamientoI also still have the original leaky carburetor that came with the bike when I bought it.


After getting it running well, I changed a few nuts and bolts from rusty ones19ayuntamiento

To nice new stainless ones:20ayuntamiento


I hate rust, and I notice some growing here and there. This worries me.

21ayuntamientoOtherwise the bike looks and drives great. Finally I can have it registered this week.




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