Leslie ReBore

My mechanic confirmed what I suspected which was that Leslie’s engine was eating oil. I could here the rocker arms clicking louder than usual indicating that oil wasn’t getting to it and it was also spewing out white smoke like a 2 stroke. A top overhaul was necessary so that meant a new piston, piston rings and valve seals (the valves were still ok). The piston below showed the worst of it, streaks of metal hitting metal.badz

This is the point where we made a mistake. I went to Triumph Caloocan to buy the parts but I should have brought the cylinder head so the store can match the piston size to the cylinder. When I came back we immediately saw the standard piston size was too small and that it needed the next larger size. That meant another trip to Caloocan this time with the cylinder head. Looking back I should have immediately assumed it needed a rebore regardless of whether the standard piston still fit or not.

Jeff, the salesman at Triumph who recognized me well by now after buying so much stuff from him, took my cylinder head to their mechanic at the back of the store and then came back to tell me it needed a 100cm. piston BUT they were out of stock. He was nice enough to lend me a piston already larger than the standard size but not as big as 100cm. and said I could bring it to a machine shop and ask if it was possible to use that instead. He recommended a nearby machine shop at 9th street Caloocan.

At this point I was sure I was in trouble because it was obvious the piston was too small and that if they did not have a 100cm. I would have to go all the way to Taytay shops Sising or Bonza to ask.

I was due for some good luck and believe it or not, while the machine shop guy was explaining to me that indeed, the piston was too small for the cylinder, someone right beside me told me he knew where to buy a 100cm. piston for my head and said he was going there right now. It turned out to be Goldcolts Scooters Parts Trading, walking distance from where I was (77 MH del Pilar between 8th and 7th ave. bgy. 109 Caloocan City).

IMG_20140913_095033and here it is, P400.00 only:


It was very reassuring to note that the moment I placed it on top of the GoldColts counter the shopkeeper immediately recognized the cylinder head as coming from a Honda C70. That meant she knew what she was doing.

The piston is not original Honda but that’s ok given my situation. The way to test it is to drop it into the cylinder where it should stop just at the spot at the 2nd piston ring but no further. The piston Triumph lent me went straight through to the bottom, which meant it was too small.

IMG_20140913_094935_1The next steps were simple. I went back to the machine shop to have it bored and left them the new piston as the guide. I returned the loaner piston to Triumph with many thanks, and also bought other stuff:

a new camshaft (P2,190.00):


overhauling gasket (P200.00):


a new front backplate so that my speedometer can finally start working (P1,500.00):


I also considered buying an air filter assembly but they only had 3 of the 5 items needed and it cost P3,xxx.00! I decided to put a stop to the spending at this point because my wallet was hurting and I wasn’t sure if there were still any other things I had to pay for before I could get the bike to run.

After lunch at Jollibee I returned to the machine shop and they did a PERFECT job. Here is the cylinder BEFORE:

IMG_20140913_074751here it is AFTER:


At P250.00 that service is a steal. The place is called MSpecs Trading, 332 MH Del Pilar St., 10th Ave., Caloocan beside the food stalls.

Before I gave the parts back to the shop I had time try and clean the head with some vinegar and baking powder:


I’m not completely happy with results but it removed many layers of accumulated dirt and grease over many years. I should have just had it sandblasted but I was worried it might harm the cylinder lining, so I just returned it to the shop for assembly yesterday. The mechanic was also impressed at how nice the rebore job was.

I’m going to fetch it today. It should be running by now. I’m excited to break in my now 100cc bike!




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