New Exchange, Updates on Old Exchanges, Other Stuff

It’s gonna be harder for me to update lefthandedlayup, considering the ff.

  • I have now started to write for the newest Exchange Tech.Exchange. I will write on that every weekday and optionally on weekends.
  • I also have enough PRs of gadgets to upload to Tech.Ex’s Gadget Gallery so that I’d not run out for a year if I uploaded one a day.
  • I have launched a new feature on MomEx called School Reviews. I imported 1,577 records of NCR DECS accredited schools into it, from which visitors to the site can leave comments and rate from 1 to 10 stars. Here’s a sample school, where you can see people comment below, consequently leaving info important for other parents.
  • I plan to import the rest of the DECS schools nationwide, probably totalling in the 10,000 onwards, including public schools. By June, I hope people will rely on it as a resource for where to enroll their kids.

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I’m Looking for Real Estate Brokers

I would like to solicit the help of active Real Estate Brokers, Property Developers or other people involved in the Real Estate business.

Please keep in mind this is not to buy anything, sell you anything, hire you, make you attend a ‘seminar’ or anything of that sort. I need your opinion in the development of a project.

I only need an hour’s worth of your time, and I can meet you at any mall in the Makati or Ortigas area (I am from Cainta). Coffee’s on me.

In return for your time, I will help you PROMOTE your business, service or any property you are currently selling. You may contact me at 09214588689 or email ghmercado at gmail dot com.

Friends, if you know of anyone, please ask them to contact me.

MomEx WordPress to Drupal Migration 80% done

My todo list today (x means done):

x backup momex db
x backup momex files (everything)

x create mom1 (backup of wp)
x make mom1 work

x activate zen / momex
x activate offline mode

x download momdrupal in delayed inserts (works with bigdump)

x delete all modules in stock momdrupal
x copy all modeuls in 192momdrupal
x upload all modules from 192momdrupal to new momdrupal

x edit settings.php

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Really Really really really REALLY Wanna Make A New Blog

I made a blog with a specific theme before, but I had to take it down because I was just too busy and therefore wasn’t getting anywhere. So that should be a hint as to what it is.

I’m not telling outright because I might end up not doing it. However, like the title says, I really really really really really want to.

So I should right?

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Assessing A Planned Move from WordPress to Drupal

I need to write this down to serve as a list in determining a mass migration of my sites from WordPress to Drupal, so I’ll just blog it right? I’ll start with a list of a few WordPress issues I am frustrated with, off the top of my head:

    Asides: I wanna show posts (or post titles, or post titles with excerpts) from specific categories on the sidebar. I have done this with limited success on BallEx on a category I called ‘PBA Notes’ (ftg. news fresh from the PBA), but unfortunately WordPress counting mechanism counts these posts as part of the posts that it should display on the front page, so everytime I post to the PBA Notes category, it removes a post from the index. It’s not a terribly difficult issue and is ‘resolved’ somewhat by merely posting more (which I should be doing anyway), but it’s kept me stumped for too long a while already, and prevents me from putting even more categories on the sidebar. At the moment the setting on BallEx for ‘Options > Reading > Blog Pages show at most:” is set at 30.

    As I mentioned on this post, the best Aside Plugin seems to be Katesgasis’ Sideblog, but it has unfortunately not been since 2006.

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Our First Kikay Exchange LiveBlogging Event

Featuring Neva Talladen of Leyende Organics, will be held twice tomorrow, Friday, June 20, 10-1045AM and again at 8-845PM.

Fans of Neva’s famous Leyende Organic Products will be able to chat with her live. They can ask questions, talk about her products, or just say hi. This is a great opportunity for Neva to touch base with the legions of female readers who have always been interested in her products as well as those who are already loyal buyers.

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Our Interview No Show

If it weren’t for Dong and My Dearest Cuz’s wonderful wedding yesterday (I was Best Man), I’d not have easily forgotten my disappointment about our TV no – show interview on Wednesday night.

Well, here’s what happened.


About 3 weeks ago Jill and I were interviewed by QTV‘s Fit and Fab, a beauty – wellness – fashion tv magazine type show hosted by Theresa Licaros and Maggie Wilson (no they didn’t do the interviewing). Topic was primarily the Kikay Shop for an online shopping segment.

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