MomEx Now Has Reviews And Other Stuff

I actually have a different site to herald events going on on the Exchange sites, but I’m announcing it here anyway. MomEx now has Book Reviews, starting with a review from Jill re a book for teens. I worked all day today on this and I’m pretty happy how that worked out. Later on I’m gonna tweak the node page further to align the image and highlight stuff better but for the most part I’m happy.

This is the 2nd feature I’ve added recently, the first one being the Bloggerfeeds section, which shows feeds from 18 and counting Mom Blogs at the moment. Some blog more often than others naturally, but I’m getting good stuff for the most part.

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MomEx WordPress to Drupal Migration 80% done

My todo list today (x means done):

x backup momex db
x backup momex files (everything)

x create mom1 (backup of wp)
x make mom1 work

x activate zen / momex
x activate offline mode

x download momdrupal in delayed inserts (works with bigdump)

x delete all modules in stock momdrupal
x copy all modeuls in 192momdrupal
x upload all modules from 192momdrupal to new momdrupal

x edit settings.php

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