MomEx WordPress to Drupal Migration 80% done

My todo list today (x means done):

x backup momex db
x backup momex files (everything)

x create mom1 (backup of wp)
x make mom1 work

x activate zen / momex
x activate offline mode

x download momdrupal in delayed inserts (works with bigdump)

x delete all modules in stock momdrupal
x copy all modeuls in 192momdrupal
x upload all modules from 192momdrupal to new momdrupal

x edit settings.php

Some terms:

  • Mom1: the previous MomEx in WordPress.
  • Zen: The amazing Drupal Zen Starter Kit theme that takes the pain (well, not totally but still quite a lot) out of Drupal theming. Love it.
  • momdrupal: The 23mb. sql backup.
  • 192momdrupal: My test momex installation on my server.
  • bigdump: The absolutely essential open source tool that allows you to migrate large sql dbs. Absolutely essential since php only allows uploads of 2mb., so if you’ve got anything larger than that, you’re in a fix. Oh did I say absolute essential? Just in case I forgot to add: Absolute Essential.

The only thing left is a weird clean urls issue that prevents me from using the permalink structure wordpress was using. Losing the permalinks is gonna be a disaster SEO wise, so I gotta try and make that work. Seems like I have hope though, with PathAuto, which seems fit for the job.

I haven’t read through it yet since at this point, I’ve gotten tired. At the moment if you go to MomEx you’ll see a ‘we are offline’ page which is an edited version of Drupals. I added a Feedburner Subscribe form to increase my subscription whilst working on the site. Cheeky, but I think it’s useful.

At this rate MomEx will be up either tomorrow or Wed.

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