Gusto Mo Bang Sumama?

Assuming that the 2nd set would’ve been another 15 songs, some can say that the concert was 15 songs too little.

Then again, you can also say that it was 15 songs just right.

Just like real life, it really is all up to you. And when the announcement was made (at exactly 10:14PM) that they weren’t gonna continue, I could sense that people were trying to make up their minds exactly which side it would be. Too little? Just enough?

I dunno.

I love the ‘heads. Their songs will always be a part of me, wherever I go, whatever I do for the remainder of my life.

Hearing each song was wonderful. Knowing that it was probably the last time I’d hear those songs live again added so much weight to the whole thing. You had to absorb, listen to and sing along each and every song. Easily live through the memories. Suddenly remember the sights, smells and feel of that era when the ‘heads were making hits. When they just made songs because they were songwriters and you just listened to them because you loved them, gleefully ignorant of any internal strife. When everything was right with the world.

Knowing now that’s not gonna happen anymore, I think I’m happier now and can put that era to rest.

The people older than us had to do this when their own idols for some reason or another had to stop what they were doing. There really is not getting past it, and no doubt the newer generation will have to deal with that too.

I will now put the ‘heads into the past. And while I do so, I’ll take the road more positive. It was 15 songs just right. I’m happy with that.

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