Field Trip Sa May Pagawaan ng Lapis

Yep, my fave line from my fave eheads song. And why am I in an eheads mood???

Cause I’m going that’s why. And all of a sudden at that (I just found out this morning).

It’s hard to explain, to begin with, how important they were to me growing up.

For the first time in a very very long time there was finally a local band with a voice that reached out and appealed to the desperately fragmented Pinoy youth. From the jologs to the sosyals, the promdis and the tambays, everyone loved the Eraserheads. They talked about love lost and gained, typical annoyances, school, folks and what’s mostly on young Pinoy’s minds but in an irreverent ‘wala lang’ tone that you just understood like it was someone you know telling you it was happening to him. It just clicked, and I listened and deeply appreciated them. Their songs, their messages, their very existence. I was so glad we had the ‘heads.

I think however, there is a general non plussed attitude for most people going into tonight’s gig. The reason primarily I think, is the fact that they’re getting paid a whole lotta moola to do it. In other words, you have to question their heart. Watching their old YouTube clips, I saw a band that talked about not getting gigs, finding it hard to get signed, etc. In other words, they were united and together, and while they were striving to get acknowledged, they only had their desire to be together keeping them intact.

And now, it’s plainly about money, and that’s a downer.

But whatever. I’ve no expectations from tonight. I don’t even know if my hair will rise on end as it used to when I first saw them live at a mall tour of all things. It was a free thing at Megamall and to this day I can’t remember seeing that place look more packed. People were literally dangerously hanging on to siderails and dancing and singing along in the aisles. It was really a sight and for once, it felt great to see people just having fun and strangers smiling at each other. I truly believe getting Pinoys to trust, or even smile, at each other is a really big thing.

The ‘heads has that special ability to do that. I think that’s what makes them special.

But then again that’s what they are to us. What they are to each other is an entirely different thing, and because they broke up, apparently a negative thing. Nothing that 1M each (reportedly) can’t fix though. Sigh.

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