Blog Updated, Update On Other Stuff, and Reminiscing My boss for Some Odd Reason.

Just updated to the not – completely – necessary – but – update – it – anyway latest version of WordPress, also called a ‘Maintenance Release’.

As is my habit, I will test it here for a few days before going on and updating the other sites. Which of course would be a completely useless test if I don’t write on it, so here I am. Writing. Ok, let’s do some highlights as to what’s going on, bullet point style (my favorite):

  • Super sick but ok again. – Actually I’ve been worse, but Thu to Sat last week I felt like I was in outer space from a super head cold that completely knocked me out. I’ve figured out I got it from playing Tekken on the PS2 with my sick nephew. Trading game consoles with a sick kid transferred the virus. Coupled with low energy from sleeping late all the time I was out cold for two days with difficulty of breath, constant dry cough and the worst – pain from seemingly every joint in my body. I’m completely ok now – don’t worry my legions of fans, and am actually quite raring to go.

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Hosting Thoughts

Migs, the high priest of Linux and server administration, whom I always look to for advice on such things, told me to write about my latest hosting issues and so I shall. I suppose this is a good way to talk and archive the recent problems I’d been having with the sites and what I do to fix it, and how I’m starting to realize that whatever ‘fix’ I do seems temporary since the site’s traffic increase again anyway that as soon as I enhance / improve performance, traffic increases again. I am therefore plagued, within days, by either mysql inefficiencies or run out of RAM. Anyway here’s a rundown:

Here’s a screenshot of Aug. 30’s mysql issues. WordPress serves that up when it can’t connect to the db. I emailed Rimuhosting about it and they figured out I was having issues with one of my favorite WordPress plugins called Counterize, which allowed me to produce those interesting stats at the footer of KikayEx which says ‘x number of visitors visited today, xx number the past 7 days. xxx number total since forever, and so on…‘. We activated an option on mysql to produce a ‘mysql-slow.log‘ which lists down all the mysql queries that take more than 2 seconds to complete. The results were stunning, as Counterize apparently had queries that take as long as 20 seconds, and at a given morning (not even a whole day), there were 40 queries already. Here’s how it looked:

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Mom Exchange Chief Mom Jen Tan On ANC Today!

Mom Exchange Chief Editor and Mom Jen C. Tan will be one of the guests at ANC’s ShopTALK hosted by Pia Hontiveros today, May 11, 2007 at 3pm (apparently it doesn’t even have a webpage. Go ABS!).

Please catch her talk about her projects, Babywearing, natural parenting, the diapers she sells and maternity wear. Oh and about Mom Exchange too, if she manages to fit that in.

Break A Leg JEN!!! & Mother’s Day Promo (aka Click) make great photobooks at a very affordable prices. You can give these precious items as gifts from your children to their grandparents! They also make calendars, cards, gift certificates, photo bags and posters.

In time for Mother�s Day March 13, 2007, Click in cooperation with Mom.Exchange.Ph is giving away THREE PhP100 gift certificates to those who can send in their BEST – est Mom�s Day photos! Send the pictures by email to [email protected] and put �MomEx CLICK PROMO� as your email�s subject. Please also include your name and contact number.

I will PAY YOU to write for Mom Exchange

If you are a mom, mom – to – be, or otherwise someone who can write articles that you think is worth reading by visitors of Mom Exchange, please email me writing samples plus relevant info about you, and I’ll hook you up with anything from P150.00 – P300.00 each time you write.

Sure that may not be a lot, but considering blogposts can range from only a few words to 500+ words max (preferably with non-copyrighted or permission granted pics), that’s easy money right there. I am looking to fill up at least 2 to 3 new posts this way every week.

However a word to the wise : If you are looking to make a lot of dough, or intend this to be your main source of income, I’m afraid we may not have the same expectations and risk ending up disappointed. But if you love sharing your mom or mom – related stories and issues, make a few friends along the way, plus make some cash, then we are on the same page, so let’s do this.

If not, please help spread this around to those who apply. Many, many thanks.