I will PAY YOU to write for Mom Exchange

If you are a mom, mom – to – be, or otherwise someone who can write articles that you think is worth reading by visitors of Mom Exchange, please email me writing samples plus relevant info about you, and I’ll hook you up with anything from P150.00 – P300.00 each time you write.

Sure that may not be a lot, but considering blogposts can range from only a few words to 500+ words max (preferably with non-copyrighted or permission granted pics), that’s easy money right there. I am looking to fill up at least 2 to 3 new posts this way every week.

However a word to the wise : If you are looking to make a lot of dough, or intend this to be your main source of income, I’m afraid we may not have the same expectations and risk ending up disappointed. But if you love sharing your mom or mom – related stories and issues, make a few friends along the way, plus make some cash, then we are on the same page, so let’s do this.

If not, please help spread this around to those who apply. Many, many thanks.

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