My Public Letter Opposing Harry Roque’s Nomination As A Member Of The International Law Commission (ILC)

​​​Dear Sir / Madam,

As a concerned Citizen Of the Philippines, I am requesting your office withdraw or at least reconsider Mr. Harry Roque’s candidacy into the ILC.

Harry Roque is the current spokesperson for the administration of current President Rodrigo Duterte. As such he is an enabler and apologist often using lies, obfuscation, deceit, deflection and bullying to place his administration in a good light. President Duterte’s Administration has been the worst disaster the Philippines has faced in all its history. He admits to using Extrajudicial Killings to enforce a fake ‘war on drugs’. Under his term thousands of deaths, many by police he controls, have become the norm.

Duterte refuses to enforce the internationally recognized Hague ruling on the West Philippine Sea which would have protected our islands upon encroaching Chinese military bases. His continuing failure to apply appropriate Covid measures have resulted in the current highest number of deaths at nearly 35 thousand people in the Western Pacific Region according to the WHO.

Everyday we face a barrage of fresh information about the current Administrations’ corruption, negligence and incompetence and it is Mr. Roque’s job to deflect or deny these allegations via discounting, deceit, blame shifting, plain lying and even screaming and temper tantrums or similar methods that can misdirect or divert the public’s anger elsewhere.

At this point the Filipino public is beyond disgusted with Mr. Roque. I personally wonder if he still has a soul to present his Maker when his time comes. The fact that he was initially a high profile Human Rights Lawyer only adds to the amazement that a human can live devoid of conscience. He is the exact opposite of an advocate of humanity. He is an instigator, motivator and a promoter of evil.

He deserves no official duty other than the cleaner of his jail’s shared toilet where, in a just world, he belongs in.

I say these in behalf of what I believe to be the sentiments of other disgusted citizens in the Philippines. We are thankful for your time.

G.E. Vortalex

Here’s my GE ’47-’48 vortalex standfan. I’ve had this 20+ years, 10 of which stored in my sister’s house in Cainta. It’s a remnant from my Aunt’s house in San Juan. I hope to get enough information and time to work on it. I’m not going to even try until I have the correct info.

Business & Writing Priorities

I had been wracking my brain for what business to get into. The problem with me, and this has been such for a long while, is that I am able to do any number of things and naturally I would dream of wanting to make a profitable venture out of it. This has made me unfocused and consequently frustrated. So here I’m going to try and organize what I can do and weight them against each other.

I can cook. I dream of having a nice restaurant and taking care of guests. I would love the experience of having them visit regularly. I would have a brick oven and bake pizzas, high quality bread and meat. Slaving away in the kitchen and going to the market daily isn’t a grind for me and in fact I’d be quite happy doing that.

I can write. I’ve written for a lot of magazines sure but writing a novel is what I have dreamed about doing the longest. In fact I have a particular story idea revolving around my experiences of playing basketball when I was a kid I’ve wanted to write about for at least since my 20s. I’ve started out and I write a paragraph or two when I feel like it. It’s funny how it feels bad when you’re doing it but when you read it later on it’s fairly ok. However of all the ‘things I can do’ this is the most difficult. It’s just hard, man. You’d think it’d be so much easier just sitting there writing something but I’ll be honest I’m not surprised many authors go to drink or drugs to get going.

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Review of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

I honestly can’t really review this movie properly because the moment it was clear Margot Robbie was playing Sharon Tate I couldn’t concentrate. I knew Tarantino’s passion for using gallons of blood in violent scenes and putting two and two together I became really anxious about what was going to happen. I actually stopped watching in the middle to continue the next day, it was the first time I ever did that. The idea I’d eventually be watching a massacre unnerved me.

Moving ahead it then turned out the way it did and now I feel annoyed I allowed myself to be distracted. Brad Pitt was really good. I never really paid much attention to him other than in Ad Astra and in this one it was enjoyable to watch him play a character he seems to be made to play. I read somewhere that character was Kurt Russell’s bodyguard in real life and it’s actually hard to imagine it not to be true than otherwise.

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The Marriage Story 10/10

It’s as if two of the lead characters in the two of the most popular movies in the past few years decided to make a movie that wasn’t for 16 year olds and China. It’s a welcome respite because unlike the current rage it’s not a remake, not even a ‘re-imagining’. It’s an original telling of a familiar and timeless topic that will always be relevant in any generation most likely in any part of the world and will probably still be true (and difficult to watch because it’s so true), thirty years from now. And just because of that and how low the bar has become this movie deserves much praise.

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S90 Update 9 – The Seat

Ok so the seat I bought last July turned out to be pretty bad. Some people say I could still use it possibly by painting over it with clear or something but I don’t want to. It’s a goner afaic. And so I went ahead and looked for a pre used Honda metal TMX seat. Believe it or not despite the TMX being incredibly popular it’s still very hard to find a metal one as most seats now are plastic. I chose metal so I can bore and weld it. I managed to find one after weeks of searching for P500 from a cafe racer modder on facebook who had it lying around his garage.

Here they are:

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