Ferdinand Marcos Wanted Imelda to Succeed him In Case of Death

In June ’75 he issued a secret Pres’l Decree#731 found after EDSA that establish a commission w/ Imelda as Chairman w/c will “exercise of powers & duties as President in the event of my death or permanent incapacity”

• Link to 1976 The New York Times news article: IMELDA MARCOS HAS NEW BACKING

• Link to Excerpts from book Imelda Marcos: The Rise and Fall of One of the World’s Most Powerful Women https://books.google.com.ph/books?id=kCFqDwAAQBAJ&lpg=PT184&dq=presidential%20decree%20731%20imelda%20marcos&pg=PT184#v=onepage&q=presidential%20decree%20731%20imelda%20marcos&f=false

• Link to 1983 United Press Int’l news article: Marcos succession weighed https://www.upi.com/Archives/1983/11/13/Marcos-succession-weighed/3193437547600/

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