Those That Congratulate You Are Your True Friends

Went for a fantastic walk today from the house to Paseo, the shopping center. Only went halfway back though because I had to shop at Rustan’s for rice. I bought into the brown rice healthy shtick only to be told be Jill that it tastes like cardboard, so I’m feeling like a shmuck right now. Glad I only bought 5 kilos.

Work wise I’m firing on all cylinders to get some business going with some big clients. I had some bad luck with a few ones but there’s nothing I could’ve done about that, so I’ve pretty much closed the door and moved on in my head. Feel much better now frankly.

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2010 Day 1: Not Much To Report

I would’ve uploaded a few pics if I could find the USB cable. Anyway that reminds me that Jill got a free USB card reader when she bought Tilde, her new S90, so I better ask for that instead.

I finally got to watch My Sassy Girl and it was terrific, or at least the ending was. Quite likely some of the scenes gist’ were lost in translation so they came out long and pointless, but it came all together in the end. The Wikipedia page says ‘it became a mega blockbluster hit in the entire region from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as South East Asia, to the point where it was drawing comparisons to Titanic‘. That’s very impressive and I finally got to see why. It might not necessarily have the best of any given particular detail, but at the end it leaves you happy and that’s more than enough for me.

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Ok I finally have DSL.

The PLDT guys came over around 3 in the afternoon and hooked me up. This is the plan 990 they harp on about all the time and so far it’s been ok. My main barometers don’t use numbers. I just play internet radio on iTunes while doing some regular webmaster work and it hasn’t hiccupped once.

Speaking about internet radio, I think it’s what I missed most about not having any ‘net. There’s a station on iTunes that’s called – Vocal Jazz, ftg. the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, etc. and listening to it after I work on stuff in the evenings is surely on my top 3 fave things of all time.

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Writing, TechEx, Cebu and Cranberry Juice

I was trying to finish a strong opinion re Michael Jordan’s speech at the Hall of Fame for BallEx but I lost my train of thought due to a funny situation at Tech Exchange. Someone probably close to the person who wrote a badly worded press release which I wrote about started making personal attacks, and some other person decided that my opinion re the press release was a slant towards the topic of the release itself. Which would’ve been fine if it weren’t for the fact that it’s a locally released Linux Distro (aka distribution, or a flavor or different version of a Linux operating system). And since developers / followers of local distributions are usually a patriotic lot, I got on the wrong end of that a little bit. All’s well however, given I don’t respond to personal attacks, and at the same time there’s no questioning really what my intentions are and how far from the truth it is what I am accused of. If anything though, my whole emotion re it is that I’m happy the site is getting hits, and if it continues to gather opinion I can only be happier.

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Sick Ayuc, Groceries, A Kid’s Fight Against Cancer, and other things.

I had been itching to blog these past days but unfortunately, Ayuc has acted up. It freezes right in the middle of things, which indicate either 2 things broken: the motherboard or RAM. Since it manages to boot up to a certain point, I’m blaming RAM. I have a source where I can buy 1gb. RAM for it, which I was planning to buy anyway, and I’ll bring her (I think it’s a ‘her’), to the guy soon when I get the moolah and some free time (it’s in Pasay). If it turns out the thing is completely busted (notice how it had been demoted as a mere ‘thing’), I just threw away xxxxx buckos, so I’m keeping my toes crossed.

Drupal’s Mollom, the service which checks for spam, is acting up. I’ve had one report of people having difficulty making comments while Jen at MomEx had some problems trying to post a new blog entry. I know this is a really minor thing to be talking about whilst there are more pressing issues, one supposes, at hand, but it’s just the first thing that got in my head as I wrote this new paragraph. I think it’s because I switched my eyes for a sec and saw Jen online on Google Chat, which may have helped me come to that thought.

When I write on this blog, I write mostly the first thing that comes to my head. I like doing that, it’s therapeutic to say the least.

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I’ve done this before and I’ll probably do it many times again. Here’s what’s going on in my life, in bullet points!

  • Ayuc (my ‘as yet unnamed computer, an iBook g4), is horribly underpowered with only 256mb. I’ve checked around and a Kingston 1gb. pc2100 ddr266 sodimm stick of ram will burn a php4,500+ hole in my wallet, so an upgrade has been shelved at the moment. Sadly, the issue is telling especially when I try to host local copies of my websites for presentation purposes (c/o the excellent MAMP, a terrific utility that lets you do exactly that.

    As a result I spent most of the day today setting up mock versions of KE and BallEx on ayuc. It’s not perfect but it’ll do.

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What’s Going On With Me

Yup, I’m breaking month long blog silence to write what’s up. Not that there’s anything earthshaking, just felt like it. So here goes.

  • I’m using Blogo, a Mac based (naks) blog writing tool that helps make updating blog(s) easier. It works vis xmlrpc.php which both wordpress and drupal has, so it’s a great fit for me. Got this via jen and it’s the first time I’m trying it, so am hoping it’ll work out the box.
  • I’m very good with the Mac now, which is a 3 year old iBook G4 running 10.4.11 (yes I know what those things mean now). I’ve learned all the important shortcut keys and figured out pretty much how to get around quickly without the mouse (I’ve always disliked mice, esp. trackpads). So two major observations: OneI love the fact running, using and installing things is almost exactly like a Linux distro (albeit a very very good and polished one), and Two the idea that this is ‘easy to use and understand’ or at least easier than Windows is lost on me. I’ve encountered and fixed some technical issues in the few weeks I’ve owned this thing that I’m sure would’ve made a typical user cry in frustration.

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Cannot Sleep Post

I unfortunately cannot sleep. In lieu of ZZZs, I am thinking about the ff. (yes, let’s bring on the famous bulletpoints). Start: 10:45PM.

  • Foremost, is the incredible Facebook API, and it’s recent decision to allow 3rd party developers to create apps that can change things like notes, links, videos and the all – important status updates. For what use is a social networking app, or anything on the ‘net if you think about it, if you cannot make broad hints at how available you are to your crush via Facebook? For what else is the internet for??

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I Should Be Working Out..

But instead I am blogging. And so, if I’m gonna blog, I might as well brain dump, and discuss my issues for the day. Time start: 10:01am.

  • I am going to an event 2pm. It involves the launch of a new tech product whose parent company is also in the news for laying off thousands of workers, adding some measure of pallor to my mind, to a usually glitzy affair. It is vital that I maintain a presence in such things in order to prepare for the much delayed launch of my latest baby, the newest Exchange, details on a forthcoming date.
  • I am in the midst of looking for active, sporty female writers / bloggers for a project. This situation is ASAP, and fortunately, I managed to contact one of the most personable and capable individuals I know, to whom this project is tailor fit (reference intended). She has texted her questions to which I replied by emailing the details. She is however, rushing to something and promised a reply after lunch. I am not kidding when I say I am hopeful for a positive reply, the occurrence of which would probably make my day.

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I Wrote At PDI Again

Her Highness (my editor) contacted me to write an article last week. Much praise and fawning was applied, to which I am susceptible, and so I succumbed. Here it is. Before you click it, it’s about parent’s options on controlling what their kids see on the ‘net. I mentioned installable software, built in parental controls on Windows Vista and Leopard, router URL blocking controls and my recommended solution: OpenDNS.

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