Weird Being Chased Dream

I had an odd dream last night and it’s so odd that I’m actually writing about it.

It was a recollection of an incident I may have buried in my head probably for decades.

When I was around 15 – 16 years old I was coming home from school. I got off the jeep too early out of habit because I usually spend time in my grand parent’s house so I had to walk a few extra blocks to get home.

On the way home I passed a street where a bunch of kids my age who didn’t like me saw me and started throwing rocks at and chasing me. I still remember looking to my left startled because I actually felt the wind off of a stone passing the left side of my head.

They basically chased me around three streets, hurling what they could at me and swearing as loud as they could. It was in the middle of the afternoon and I suddenly remembered every footstep of my shoes on the pavement, every time I looked back grabbing my knees panting in exhaustion checking if they were still there, only to run again because they were.

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Happy Birthday Baby

I’m feeling very proud of myself for pulling of a surprise birthday party for Jill. We had it last Saturday night, the night before her birthday April 6.

Almost everyone I invited showed up except for one, which is a good result imo. And it was super easy to do as well. I made a reservation at Borgo Cafe, which is owned and managed by Jill’s HS classmate Ryan. He was great of course and gave me a discount, but primarily I wanted it set up there because it’s an up and coming landmark restaurant and serves great food. He was also just an FB message away and is super convenient. I didn’t even check what the menu was and just said yes when he offered me an 8-10 pax package.

The rest of her friends were also an FB message away, and after I sent the complete time and date they were all excited and said yes. It was all just a matter of keeping it from her for the few days before that. Even the hours leading up to it was exciting as I kept looking at the clock wondering how to waste time until dinner. I even pretended we needed to go to the grocery to no avail since she had already gone that morning. We drove around aimlessly pretending to look for a restaurant before we finally got there as I had around 30 minutes I needed to waste.

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Happy Valentine’s Day My Love

Like I said when we were abroad. Without you I wouldn’t do anything. Without you I wouldn’t go anywhere. I’d spend my days at home thinking about what I should do and where I should go, but I wouldn’t do it.

You make me go and do it. Without you I would just fade away without consequence. With you and with our beautiful perfect little boy, I finally have the family I had dreamed of, and consequently the people who will back me up whatever I do.

I love you baby. Thank you for being patient with me.


I’ve done this before and I’ll probably do it many times again. Here’s what’s going on in my life, in bullet points!

  • Ayuc (my ‘as yet unnamed computer, an iBook g4), is horribly underpowered with only 256mb. I’ve checked around and a Kingston 1gb. pc2100 ddr266 sodimm stick of ram will burn a php4,500+ hole in my wallet, so an upgrade has been shelved at the moment. Sadly, the issue is telling especially when I try to host local copies of my websites for presentation purposes (c/o the excellent MAMP, a terrific utility that lets you do exactly that.

    As a result I spent most of the day today setting up mock versions of KE and BallEx on ayuc. It’s not perfect but it’ll do.

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