Happy Birthday Baby

I’m feeling very proud of myself for pulling of a surprise birthday party for Jill. We had it last Saturday night, the night before her birthday April 6.

Almost everyone I invited showed up except for one, which is a good result imo. And it was super easy to do as well. I made a reservation at Borgo Cafe, which is owned and managed by Jill’s HS classmate Ryan. He was great of course and gave me a discount, but primarily I wanted it set up there because it’s an up and coming landmark restaurant and serves great food. He was also just an FB message away and is super convenient. I didn’t even check what the menu was and just said yes when he offered me an 8-10 pax package.

The rest of her friends were also an FB message away, and after I sent the complete time and date they were all excited and said yes. It was all just a matter of keeping it from her for the few days before that. Even the hours leading up to it was exciting as I kept looking at the clock wondering how to waste time until dinner. I even pretended we needed to go to the grocery to no avail since she had already gone that morning. We drove around aimlessly pretending to look for a restaurant before we finally got there as I had around 30 minutes I needed to waste.

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