Checking In PGH This PM

This here is Truck aka Juan Carlos Mercado, born Dec. 4, 2017. I fall asleep and wake up to this face almost daily as he sleeps right beside me. He had a nasty cough starting last weekend so we took him to the Dr. yesterday and she told us it was because his tonsils were red, causing him to have a very itchy throat. It is very likely he was infected by people kissing him, specifically his 4yo brother Ace, who adores him. The Dr. said a lot of kids cry a lot when infected with such but not this guy. He seemed to just smile through it and by yesterday he was hardly coughing.

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Things Are Humming Along

Ok this might be the Chocolate Sundae I just had from Jollibee talking, but I just wanted to say how happy I am that things are humming along. I’ll be honest. Right now I have a zillion things I have to do, a deadline with a client has waved past waaaaay long ago, a project I had high hopes for desperately needs more attention and I don’t have a new prospect to look forward to for the first time in a long time.

Despite all this however, I have to say things could be a lot worse. Last night my sis in law came back home with her 2 month old baby and my whole in law family was just bursting with happiness and excitement. It’s the kind of environment I had always hoped to grow my own family around and last night I felt like patting myself on the back. Whatever happens from now on I have a group of people I can rely on. You just don’t know how important that is until you do not have it. I didn’t and now I do. This is very important.

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So Long Ayrton

Well here’s an update on finding a name for the oncoming boy. As previously mentioned, ‘Ayrton’ was strong in the running but I had misgivings due to how unique it is. I imagine he’d always be explaining it his whole life, with people wondering where it came from or how it is pronounced. And so we nixed it.

Not that I do not like Ayrton Senna any less. In fact I watched the docu about him a second time and he is even more impressive after taking in the nuances of his personality and how well spoken he was in interviews. Clearly he was a brilliant passionate competitor just as I felt way back when, but it takes an educated man to express himself properly otherwise you would always be misinterpreted as brash or self centered.

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Thinking of Baby Names

It has become increasingly apparent that I am gonna be a dad soon. By May, according to the wife. I think she’s convinced herself, or maybe the internet has, via hocus pocus baby gender guessing games, that it’s gonna be a girl. I’d love a girl, mostly because I think boys are pretty useless (which may be a sign of the kind of boys I grew up and around with).

If it is a girl then it’s going to be Dagny, after Dagny Taggart, the heroine in Atlas Shrugged whom we both admire. We told Jill’s Dad over dinner the other day and he was nothing but praises, even remembering parts of the book that I had forgot. So that’s settled as far as naming a baby girl is concerned.

A boy however would be tricky. I had always wanted, when previously asked, that I’d name my boy kid if I ever had one Ayrton, after Ayrton Senna, a hero of mine since high school when I followed F1 like a hawk. Yes surprise surprise it is not a basketball star but we’ll get to that later. When Senna died in an accident in 94 it was the first time I had actually felt a part of me missing and to this day I still think highly of him.

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