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This here is Truck aka Juan Carlos Mercado, born Dec. 4, 2017. I fall asleep and wake up to this face almost daily as he sleeps right beside me. He had a nasty cough starting last weekend so we took him to the Dr. yesterday and she told us it was because his tonsils were red, causing him to have a very itchy throat. It is very likely he was infected by people kissing him, specifically his 4yo brother Ace, who adores him. The Dr. said a lot of kids cry a lot when infected with such but not this guy. He seemed to just smile through it and by yesterday he was hardly coughing.

So anyway I’m going to be confined at PGH this afternoon. I went to take Ace to school this morning and was prepared to do my usual wait at Starbucks or McDonalds along Aguirre when I get a text and was told Ace was spending the day at his cousin’s house and his Aunt would be taking him home later tonight.

So now I’m let here looking for something to waste time on and I couldn’t find anything more worthwhile to do than upload a pic of my Baby Boy number 2 to my old neglected blog.

As I look at that picture and ponder the word ‘worthwhile’ it makes all the sense in the world. Sure it started with a different context but as I stare at those large eyes I can’t help repeating the word to myself.

I’m an old guy now. I started this blog when I was so much younger and far more hopeful. I didn’t do too good a job with my health hence having to take an angiogram now, and as far as goals for myself they remain more or less such.

I didn’t count however on having new hopes and dreams and not for myself but for my little guys. They have their own stuff they want to do and I need to be there to help them get it. If there’s every anything I learned in life it is that being brought up poorly, feeling alone and unwanted can damage you beyond repair. More than anything therefore I need to make them know that while the world at large doesn’t care about you, the important thing is that you know there are people who love and respect you and that they are there for you. Without people backing you up we are all empty ships lost at sea wandering without purpose. But with proper guidance and love they are given the tools to become strong enough people to make a difference in their lives and of those around them.

It is for them and for my lovely ever suffering wife I now do what I do. If there is a life worth living it is one with the purpose of assuring their future.

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