Things Are Humming Along

Ok this might be the Chocolate Sundae I just had from Jollibee talking, but I just wanted to say how happy I am that things are humming along. I’ll be honest. Right now I have a zillion things I have to do, a deadline with a client has waved past waaaaay long ago, a project I had high hopes for desperately needs more attention and I don’t have a new prospect to look forward to for the first time in a long time.

Despite all this however, I have to say things could be a lot worse. Last night my sis in law came back home with her 2 month old baby and my whole in law family was just bursting with happiness and excitement. It’s the kind of environment I had always hoped to grow my own family around and last night I felt like patting myself on the back. Whatever happens from now on I have a group of people I can rely on. You just don’t know how important that is until you do not have it. I didn’t and now I do. This is very important.

Right now Jill is at an event she organized with some pals across the street from the mall where I am wasting my time at. Driver duties are a bummer but again I couldn’t help feeling that if that’s the most I can complain about life must be pretty ok. I’m sitting here happily blogging while she’s doing her thing. After I do this I’ll take a look at FB, maybe do a couple of things with the project I mentioned above, then go and maybe play one of the games on this Netopia PC. I’ll keep doing that until she calls to ask me to pick her up then we’re off home.

I dunno what I did but so far I have done right. Jesus Christ things could’ve gone wrong boy do I know that for sure. In two months from now we will have a baby boy and we will be working our asses off a good part of our lives to try and assure a good future for him. My wife is a conscientious, hard working person and I’m not too bad myself, we’ll do ok.

Things are humming along.

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