Leslie Update: Parts Bought From Vietnam Finally Arrived

Quick update on what’s going on with the bike. I found a Vietnamese store to buy parts from here. I corresponded with the guy there for almost three weeks trying to figure out what I wanted until I finally bought the ff.:

  1. tail light – 11.50
  2. winkers front and rear -16.00
  3. chain guard -15.50
  4. ignition -10.50

Prices are in pound sterling, so with shipping that worked out to about P4,400+. I didn’t buy too many because I was nervous with how much it would end up with, tax and all, when it got here. Then a few days ago, the parcel finally arrived.




I picked it up today and here it is:



I got the chain guard:

3The rear and front winkers:








Ignition5and taillight:



Leslie looks like this at the moment. Can’t wait to post another pic with the new parts:






11 thoughts on “Leslie Update: Parts Bought From Vietnam Finally Arrived

  1. Nice bike sir, hope it will be finished soon, BTW Sir, i needed a pdf file on the honda c70, is it ok if you share your copy .. can you just email me a copy of it, thanks in advance…

  2. ako rin sana sir pde phingi rin ng copy ng pdf, i have the same exact model.. Honda c70 Ex3 or GBO as they call it in malaysia…. if you need any help on finding parts you can contact me anytime… there are still a lot of parts here in zamboanga … :)

  3. Many thanks for the pdf files Sir Gabriel… they really meant it when they said you meet the nicest people on a honda : )

  4. Thanks Gabriel for the manual of ex3 honda, as promise here’s my “Resto mod” / Customized vintage honda cub ex3 c70…
    the results :

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